Timeless Italian films for a perfect first date

Timeless Italian films for a perfect first date

Let’s discover a list of five timeless Italian films, for a perfect first date in the name of great cinema

Seeing a film together has been, for at least seventy years, the real classic date for couples. Even though there are so many other ways of meeting nowadays, the intimate atmosphere that the common vision of a film is able to create remains unparalleled.

Italy has inspired many great movies of all time, flirtsenzalimiti has offered a list of five of the most romantic movies you’ve ever seen.

1 – Psychology of the intimate atmosphere

Seeing films together makes us feel closer, helps overcome embarrassment and allows us to explore ourselves physically, but slowly: a movie night at home is by definition soft, intimate, suitable for cuddling between lovers but also for informal acquaintance new aspiring partners. Few genres of dating are better than this, so respectful yet potentially profound. Proposing to see a movie with someone is certainly a great way to get to know them!

2 – Why a movie date is still a good idea for couples

A date in front of a good movie, classic or modern, continues to be an excellent idea for a couple: sharing the emotions of a story together helps to strengthen bonds on a deep, empathic level, without too much need for words. Furthermore, films are almost always excellent discussion points: thanks to them it is possible to discover new things about your partner, raising the level of the debate and deepening it at the same time.

3 – Romantic movies for a first date

Here are some films, between classic and modern, which have Italy as a background and matters of the heart as a fundamental component of the plot: these films, selected for you by the editorial staff, can build excellent ideas for a theme evening!

Life is Beautiful

This 1997 film has now become a true classic, because it deals with “heavy” themes such as the Shoah with an extremely poetic gaze. The film, directed and starring Roberto Benigni, achieved great success with three Oscars. To limit this film to a genre tale, like the many others that in that period and in the following years dealt with the theme of concentration camps, would be an understatement: the film is in fact a great love story and manages to tell, in the bucolic initial scenes, even the love for our country.

Call me by your name

Call me by your name is a highly successful international film, directed by the Italian director Luca Guadagnino and released in 2017. The film is based on the novel of the same name by André Aciman and tells the discovery of love by a boy, Elio, in the course of a long summer spent with the family in a villa in northern Italy. He meets a girl with whom he has some relationships, but love with a capital A breaks out for a guest of his father, Oliver, a foreign student and a few years older. The love story takes place in the splendid setting of the plains, mountains and cities of Lombardy, so far little told by Italian cinema.

The sweet life

La dolce vita is one of the greatest masterpieces of the Italian director Federico Fellini. The film, dated 1960, stars Marcello Mastroianni in the role of the journalist Marcello Rubini, whose adventures in the Roman jet set will compose the pieces of an episodic and allusive plot. The city of Rome appears in all its magic and mud, a marvelous and cursed city, a theater and a theater of sparkling lives and dreamed-of loves (like that of the protagonist for the magnetic Sylvia, played by Anita Ekberg). A film to be absolutely reviewed!

Roman holidays

Historical romantic comedy of 1953, starring the unforgettable Audrey Hepbourne Gregory Peck. The story is inspired by a fact that really happened, the “secret holiday” that at the end of the 1940s brought the young Princess Margaret of England to Rome, incognito. The protagonist of the film is, in fact, the princess of an unspecified kingdom who, finding herself in Rome, decides to live the experiences of a normal girl for at least one day. The journalist Joe Bradley will accompany her, initially on the hunt for scoops but then madly in love.

Under the Tuscan sun

It is an American production film, released in 2003 and signed by Audrey Wells, with Diane Lane in the title role. The film is inspired by the autobiographical book of the same name by the author Frances Mayes. The film opens on a failed, traumatic love story, the bearer of bewilderment and depression, and ends with another, much more complete love story: that for Italy and its landscapes. The protagonist, in fact, after receiving a trip to Tuscany as a gift from a friend, finds the impulse and the opportunity to change her life right there.