Tinder working on “Swipe Party” feature

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These days Tinder is working on the new “Swipe Party” feature, which will allow users to invite friends online to help them review matches and dates. The option was first spotted in the App code by the Dutch website Gratisdatingtips and has yet to be announced. For its part, however, Tinder has already confirmed that it is in the works. So let’s find out what it is.

Swipe Party, Tinder’s new feature that engages friends

As anticipated by the rumors on the Net, Swipe Party is the new function of Tinder that involves friends in choosing the right match for an appointment. A practice that already exists outside the platform, but which will now be integrated into the App. Apparently, in fact, it will be possible to invite a friend to the profile scrolling session, so as to receive remote feedback. A function that follows the trend of App co-navigation, such as Apple’s SharePlay, or the shared viewing of video content, as proposed by Disney + or Prime Video.

But how would Swipe Party really work? In an incredibly simple and fun way. Users can invite friends to a Swipe session. These will enter with a guest account, simply by leaving your phone number and validating your identity with a code. At this point, to join the “Party” all they have to do is add their name and date of birth. In short, an interesting function, which is part of a much broader program of the application, which wants to offer users more and more audio and video experiences.

Just last August, Tinder announced it would add audio and video chats – including live group videos – to the platform in the next 12/24 months. Indeed, the application plans would even include a “metaverse” of appointments with an economy based on virtual goods. And if so, Swipe Party could be a step towards making Tinder even more interactive and social. On the other hand, the platform confirmed the development of the function, but without providing further details. “We are always exploring features to help our members connect in new and fun ways,” a spokesperson said.