Tineco Floor One S5 review: cleaning without (too much) effort

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The world of house cleaning has come a long way in recent years. More and more often we find new solutions to make these boring and tiring tasks easier. Among these also appears Tineco Floor One S5a new model of scrubber dryer that will allow us to keep our homes in order with very little effort, as we will see in this review.

Tineco Floor One S5 review: mops, vacuums and dries

There are several features that make this scrubber extremely convenient to use. First of all, of course, we find the design itself which, in addition to being really pleasing to the eye with this futuristic touch and the many curves that streamline the product, offers a handle that seems designed for every eventuality. It is very comfortable to hold and slide in your hands during cleaning operations, but also to use as a pivot to lift the scrubber dryer, to move it around the house and to store it in the charging station.

Equally convenient is the presence of a small motor pushing forward the Tineco Floor One S5 during cleaning operations. The sensation is almost that of taking a dog for a walk that is pulling on the leash. It follows a principle not unlike that of airport runways: with the same effort you get twice the result.

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But let’s move on to the results, which are the most important part of this review: how does the Tineco Floor One S5 clean? Definitely good. We tested it on different surfaces and we are absolutely satisfied with how it performed. In many cases that was enough a single pass to make our floor clean and pintoboth on slightly rough materials and above all on smooth ones such as tiles.

The whole eliminating or reducing the negative sides of these operations. Thanks to an integrated sensor, this scrubber-dryer perceives the amount of dirt in front of it, adapting the cleaning power. This has the double effect of contain the passes necessary for a good result, as well as i energy consumption (and if we want, noise too, decidedly more contained than other similar products). The dual function of vacuuming and mopping also means that floors dry almost immediately. No more “Don’t pass by I just washed!”, in short.

The battery satisfies and self-cleaning launches us into the future

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As is now the norm for premium devices in the industry, the Tineco Floor One S5 is also a cordless model. Not a small advantage in terms of convenience, which however exposes you to the risk of finding yourself “dry” of energy at the wrong time. Fortunately, this is not the case: the integrated battery offers more than enough charge for cleaning operations. Naturally it also depends on the size of the housebut with a medium sized apartment we will still have a good reserve of energy in the end.

One of the funniest and most futuristic aspects of this product then comes at the end of use. No, let’s not talk about the fact that the housework is finished and we can finally rest on the sofa (that too actually) but about the self-cleaning function. As soon as it is placed on the charging base, the Tineco Floor One S5 will analyze the condition of its front roller, signaling us if it needs to be washed.

At this point, a voice (in Italian) will guide us in all the necessary stepshow to fill the clean water tank and then empty the dirty one. Everything will then proceed automatically without us having to touch the parts that tend to get the most dirty. At the end of the operation, our scrubber dryer will also be very clean, ready for the next session.

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A size problem

Perhaps the only downside we’ve encountered is the size of the front and of the main body (or at least the radius of inclination of the same) which are quite full-bodied. This it is not particularly impacting on weight of the device or on its handling during transport, but it can be an obstacle in cleaning.

In some cases indeed it can be difficult to reach particularly remote corners, irregularly shaped crevices or certain restricted access areas (such as under the bed). Of course, this is a necessary “compensation” for the exceptional functions that the device offers, but which can make its use less effective. Before buying it is therefore advisable to reflect on the organization of our home or evaluate the purchase of accessories for get the best possible result.

Tineco Floor One S5 review: a clean house without the effort

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Beyond this aspect, ours review from the Tineco Floor One S5 it is undoubtedly positive. It is a complete tool, which really saves a lot of time and a lot of effort to obtain an optimal result. Whether it’s a deep, detailed clean or a quicker one for every day, it’s a choice that we are happy to recommend to virtually any user looking for a product of this type.

For more information about Tineco Floor One S5please visit the company’s official website.