Electric cars have reached 10% of global sales

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The electric cars are becoming, more and more, a point of reference on the four-wheeler market, at least in some markets. The confirmation comes from the preliminary data relating to sales for 2022 on a global scale. In fact, electric cars have reached the 10% market share.

Electric cars: reached 10% of global sales in 2022

According to data reported by the Wall Street Journal, which cites a preliminary survey by LMC Automotive and EV-Volumes, sales of electric cars in 2022 have reached 7.8 million units globally. Considering the overall market performance, it is a 10% market share which confirms the important growth of electric vehicles for the world of four wheels.

The sector is increasingly directed towards zero-emission mobility and the preliminary sales figures confirm this. Leading the transformation is China which accounts for about 2/3 of global electric sales. Furthermore, on the Chinese market, electric cars have a 19% market share.

It should also be noted that Europe plays an important role. Electric cars in our continent cover 11% of the market. Further back is the American market where BEVs have to settle for a 5.8% share. The definitive data on the sale of electricity on a global scale in 2022 will only arrive in the coming weeks.