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Tineco FLOOR ONE S7 Pro is winner of a Red Dot Design Award

Tineco FLOOR ONE S7 Pro has won the Red Dot Design Award, one of the most authoritative world awards that reward design, and is ready to meet everyone’s cleaning needs

Like all models FLOOR ONE Of Tineco, allows you to wash and vacuum at the same time, ensuring unbeatable cleaning of the surfaces. What’s even smarter? The Maintain Hygiene Clean Brush System technology, which allows you to carry out continuous washing cleaning.

Tineco FLOOR ONE S7 Pro is winner of a Red Dot Design Award

La tecnologia protagonista, Maintain Hygiene Clean System

Tineco Floor one S7 Pro uses cutting-edge technology, from the name Maintain Hygiene Clean System, to ensure the most efficient cleaning ever. Thanks to this system, in fact, it is possible to reduce the dispersion of dirty water on the surfaces and on the bristles themselves.

As? Through four stages:

First phase: the detergent water on the roller

The first stage involves a precisely proportioned spray of cleaning water on the brush roll, while the iLoop technology controls the speed of the water in real time based on the level of soiling.

In this way the cleaning process is efficient and complete, regardless of the level of dirt on the floor.

The second stage: 450 revolutions per minute to get rid of dirt

The second stage is high speed scrubbing with a brush roll at 450 rpm which effectively removes different types of dirt from the floor. The roller’s raised lint grips firmly to the floor or mess, ensuring a thorough clean with every roller.

This is especially useful for heavily soiled areas where traditional cleaning methods may not be effective.

The third stage: cleaning the roller with the scraper

The third stage features a floating scraper that squeezes dirty water off the roller, eliminating the need to clean with dirty water and rags. This saves time and effort, making the cleaning process more convenient and efficient.

The fourth stage: goodbye dirty water

The last stage is to vacuum all the dirty water from the roller and any mess from the floor, leaving it perfectly clean.

Tineco FLOOR ONE S7 Pro is winner of a Red Dot Design Award

A mode for every need

Tineco knows that its users’ daily lives are hectic and often unpredictable, which is why it conceived and designed the new FLOOR ONE S7 Pro with four cleaning modes, bidirectional SmoothPower and the Tineco iLoop Smart Sensor.

On the display 3.6” LCD you can choose between different modes: Auto, Max, Suction and Ultra. The first that automatically recognizes dirt and adjusts the power needed to have a shiny floor.

Max and the ideal function for washing even the most encrusted or stubborn stains from the floorwhile Suction and Ultra are used, respectively, one for washing and drying the floor at the same time, the other for electrolyzes tap watere thoroughly clean even the most encrusted stains.

Furthermore, thanks to the bidirectional drive, Tineco FLOOR ONE S7 Pro intelligently recognizes the movement of the rear wheels, making it easier for users. Tineco iLoop Smart SensorInstead, it detects dirt and automatically adjusts the water flow, roller speed and suction power as needed.

The new floor washer from Tineco has an autonomy of 40 minutes, during which it will not be necessary to refill the large tanks (0.85L for clean water, 0.72L for dirty water). The time required to complete a recharge is 4 to 5 hours.

Furthermore, the device is able to perform a self-cleaning, thanks to the new pressure balanced water flow systemreaching the roller and the brush tube.

Self-cleaning ensures spin drying, removing water from the roller to prevent the spread of mold and bacteria.

Tineco FLOOR ONE S7 Pro is available on Amazon at a price of €799.

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