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TINECO PURE ONE S15 PRO review: light and powerful

In this article we are going to see the review of TINECO PURE ONE S15 PRO an intelligent, versatile and powerful vacuum cleaner

The market is dotted with a myriad of vacuum cleaners and staying up to date is definitely not the easiest thing in the world. Tineco with its Pure One line has decided to give the possibility to choose your purchase based on your budget and your needs.

In this review we will discover the most complete and latest model in Tineco’s home, the PURE ONE S15 PRO. A vacuum cleaner that mixes elegance, practicality and efficiency.

Packaging e design | Recensione TINECO PURE ONE S15 PRO

Inside the package there is certainly no shortage of accessories. In fact, in addition to our Pure One S15 Pro, we also find a replacement filter, a cleaning comb equipped with a small cutter to eliminate any tangles, a brush for armchairs and sofas, a main brush, a nozzle for the corners and a charging base . In a nutshell there are accessories really for every eventuality.

The chosen design is modern and elegant. The white color makes the Pure One by Tineco captivating which, thanks also to the large screen, is even more practical.

The materials chosen are mostly plastic but resistant. Thanks to the combination chosen, we are faced with a solid but light vacuum cleaner. With the spout brush you can easily reach the corners of the house tied to the ceiling without getting too tired.

As mentioned, the large display that provides us with all the information necessary to keep the suction level, battery charge and suction mode under control is also very appreciable.

Suction that can be adjusted with a touch system through the button just below the display (to switch from automatic to manual mode) or through an always touch strip just below, which can help us change the suction level from one to six power.

Usage and performance | TINECO PURE ONE S15 PRO review

We have been using this cordless vacuum cleaner for about three weeks and are now ready to give our opinion. To give a complete opinion we have tried this vacuum cleaner on different types of surfaces and different tiles

Let’s talk about autonomy

The autonomy declared by the house, which reflects what we saw in our tests, is about 40 minutes with use in automatic mode. Autonomy that drops to about 10 minutes if you use maximum power. Thanks to the innovative cyclonic system of Tineco, even maintaining a rather low power level (about the second or third level) you can safely vacuum the dust and the classic dirt of the house but also animal hair. The maximum power is recommended almost exclusively for carpets or in some situations.

Full recharging takes between three or four hours.

In a nutshell, despite the autonomy being in line with multiple vacuum cleaners we have tested. The handling of Tineco Pure One S15 Pro is really well studied. Where other brands offer the same or slightly higher autonomy on paper but in practice and in daily use this is less, Tineco has the great strength to be able to better manage the power developed and consequently last longer.

The 40 minutes promised in a nutshell are real and not achievable only using such low power as to seem almost useless.

Daily tests and uses

We have already mentioned the cyclonic suction system but it is good to reiterate the good functioning of this system. Thanks to it it is in fact possible to have an excellent level of suction even at minimum power levels. By keeping an excellent suction even at lower levels, it is possible to significantly save energy and consequently have more time to do our house cleaning.

The automatic dirt detection system is excellent and well managed allows us to use this function almost always forgetting to change the suction level manually.

Also interesting is the emptying system that allows us to never have to touch the slurry contained inside the tank. Thanks to a lever located above the power button it will be possible to push the powder along the tank to empty it in total comfort.

The removable battery is another point in favor of this vacuum cleaner. In fact, if you decide that autonomy is not enough, or if it wears out over the years, you can easily replace it.

But the accessories?

The accessories are also very comfortable and versatile. Going to change brushes to move from the floor to the furnishings will be convenient and immediate.

There is obviously no lack of filters for user protection. In addition to the classic intake filter, which is provided to us double, we also find a hepa filter that will allow us to purify the air while we do the cleaning. Fortunately, in our country the levels of smog, despite being high, are acceptable but in any case a little air purification is never to be discriminated against especially if you live in a large metropolis.

The main brush also mounts one of those LEDs that we like so much and that allow us not to lose even a speck of dust.

The charging base also acts as a vacuum cleaner holder, which unfortunately does not stand on its own, and as an accessory holder. Unfortunately, no other charging method is provided. We would have liked to be able to recharge a second battery or have the possibility to connect the vacuum cleaner directly to the transformer but it is not possible. In this way, even with an extra battery we could only charge one at a time. In defense of this choice, however, we reiterate the fact that autonomy is sufficient even for a medium-sized house.

Also you can download an app that can make us keep an eye on the battery and change the language for voice messages.

Who should buy TINECO PURE ONE S15 PRO?

In conclusion, we are faced with an excellent product that does not fear comparison with competing brands in the category.

Tineco PURE ONE S15 PRO is a beautiful, elegant, complete and powerful vacuum cleaner. If we really wanted to find a defect, it would lie in the fact that the only way to recharge the battery is to place the entire vacuum cleaner on its base, but as mentioned, given the sufficient autonomy you could easily turn a blind eye.

The price for what is supplied and for the technology made available is more than reasonable. We are sure it is a vacuum cleaner capable of giving satisfaction even in the long term.

The large display combined with the top accessories further justify the cost if we then combine everything with the quality of the materials and the refined design, the complete picture is promoted with flying colors.

If you are looking for a good vacuum cleaner that allows you to clean your home and that has a good smart component with this TINECO PURE ONE S15 PRO you will make a choice for which you will hardly regret.

You can buy the Tineco Pure One S15 Pro at a price of 599 euros, currently discounted at 539 euros.

Points in favor

  • Excellent suction system
  • Bel design
  • Top materials and accessories

Points against

  • The battery is only charged through the base
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