Tips for regular maintenance of garden fences

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The fence of a house is an essential product for those who want to adequately protect outdoor spaces such as the garden

Some useful tips for the correct maintenance of fence nets in the garden to have a resistant and beautiful structure to look at.

The advantages of garden fences

The fence of a house is an essential product for those who want to adequately protect outdoor spaces such as the garden, the area near the swimming pool and beyond. It can be made in many different styles and materials with the main objective of creating the necessary perimeter security to protect yourself from the prying eyes of neighbors and passers-by and from many potential risks even for your four-legged friends.

However, to access an optimal solution destined to last a long time, it is essential to turn to a specialized company as in the case of Retissima Srl. It has been present on the market for many years now and is capable of offering a turnkey service which includes the design of wooden or iron fences complete with support during the installation phase.

The project comes developed by a professional who knows perfectly the needs of people who have an outdoor space to protect. The main advantages do not only concern the safety and care of the animals that live in the green space, but also the privacy to protect themselves from prying eyes.
Among other things, quality fences, such as the company’s Suez, El Paso and California models, give a touch of elegance and design, making the garden more welcoming than it already is.

Furthermore, they are all products that are made with eco-sustainable materials to appropriately protect the environment and protect the spaces and the pets themselves from the possible arrival of wild boars and other threats.

The maintenance problem

The wooden and iron fences, like any other structure positioned in contact with climatic agents, must deal with a phenomenon of progressive degradation due to the passage of time. Although these solutions are made with quality materials, it is still necessary to periodically take care of maintenance also because they can cause damage.

To have a functional approach and obtain important results, it is necessary to differentiate the maintenance intervention with respect to the materials used. Wooden fences are certainly those that require regular periodic work. Wood offers a beautiful scenographic impact, creating a unique and inimitable style but at the same time suffers from temperature variations, excessive exposure to sunlight and more.

To best take care of it and protect the surface from any risk, it is important to apply a penetrating sealant. The application must be carried out every three or four years to protect the fence from insects but also from damage caused by water which could infiltrate inside the wood and damage it.

Every couple of years you should proceed with cleaning the surface using a very delicate solution that includes water combined with soap. Finally, for wood it is also essential to proceed with a paint or color treatment, depending on the type of fence you have.

Iron maintenance

Maintenance is also necessary for metal fences that protect the house and garden from any risk. First of all, we must proceed with regular treatments to avoid rust and therefore corrosion which could disfigure the beauty and solidity of the entire structure.

The treatment must be carried out with a product that respects the environment and which at the same time allows you to create protection against many dangerous climatic conditions from this point of view such as rain and snow. Among other things, it must be considered that when there are storms, water may accumulate in the lower part of the fence and this poses a real risk of rust.

Therefore, you must be very careful in effectively treating especially this part of the structure and perhaps use a classic garden hose to remove this stuck water to avoid all the damage that can be caused. Furthermore, it is periodically recommended to carry out one or more coats of paint to refresh the colour.
It has to be said though the maintenance intervention requires little time especially if you organize yourself with the right products and small tools such as a brush to proceed with the treatment more quickly.

Further advice

There are further tips to take into account to carry out good regular maintenance over time. In addition to the various treatments to protect against climatic adversitiesit is also necessary to check the stability of the poles and possibly intervene with welding or replacement.

It is also advisable to delete any climbing plants and weeds that could damage the structure and create an aesthetic problem. Finally, another situation that could occur over time is one in which the network moves slightly from its original position.

This could depend on many factors such as a tree falls and hits her. If the check reveals an altered position of the net, it is best to reposition it as per the original project.