Titanfall 3: Respawn returns to talk about the development of the title

After Respawn Entertaiment has made ends meet with Apex Legends, the request from fans for a Titanfall 3 still does not move the development house

The most profitable way for gaming houses in recent years has been the battle royale, pushing them to force a change to stay afloat in a saturated environment like competitive multiplayer. It would probably also have happened with the development of Titanfall 3, after its previous chapters were certainly welcomed as novelties in the FPS, but were still considered a failure due to problems mainly caused by IT’S AT. And so, Apex Legends then took its place.

What prevents the development of Titanfall 3

Five years after the release of Titanfall 2, the idea of ​​starting development of a Titanfall 3 does not seem to affect Respawn’s intentions. the words of Jason Garza, community coordinator of the study. Titanfall 2 has often been hit by server problems and hacker attacks, which have resulted in users quitting the game. But the reason why you don’t think about a Titanfall 3 lies in much bigger things than the problems behind managing the online mode.

Titanfall 3: Respawn returns to talk about the development of the title

The response from Garza, carried out during a stream in which he is asked for a comment regarding a possible sequel in development, is quite direct and also clarifies for those who thought that the problems of Titanfall would no longer be fixed:

Don’t create false hopes. I already said it. We have nothing in development. There is nothing. We are working on too many other games right now… That’s not what I mean. I was talking about the future of TF. We are still working on the current situation, but as always I cannot speak about these things publicly.

It should also be added that Laura Miele, head of studios officer at EA, has in the past stated that the decision to create a sequel was solely up to Respawn Entertainment. However, remember that it is difficult in this genre to stand out in the pile, full of new titles every year: in addition to the resources to renew itself, the development of Titanfall 3 would above all require a good dose of luck and ability to adapt to trends, as it was with Apex Legends and Fortnite.

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