Tokyo Games Show 2021: Sega will be there with a new RPG

Sega says it is ready to announce a new RPG title at the Tokyo Games Show 2021, spreading the news through the description of their time slot on the show’s calendar

I’m coming big news from Sega: in the timetable of the Tokyo Games Show 2021, which precisely defines the appointments for the presentations of the various videogame houses, it is reported that “the announcement of the new Sega role-playing game is scheduled”. It has not been known what it is, whether it concerns a new IP or a sequel to existing titles.

The possibilities of Sega and its new RPG at the Tokyo Games Show 2021

Since before the Tokyo Games Show 2021, Sega and Atlus have released daily videos, which introduced the demons in the new Shin Megami Tensei V. Instead, as regards Persona, September 20 will be the 25th anniversary since the birth of the series. Reason for which he has received various teasers in the last period, as well as the creation of a new official website and the release of new merchandise. We therefore wondered if the announcement would concern these two titles.

But Sega had also asked users to share images of their favorite titles, which would then be selected and shown during the Tokyo Games Show 2021, without declaring anything else about the content of their conference. Only in the last hours a first teaser trailer (above) has been released, revealing the future new Sega game for the Tokyo Games Show 2021: designed for smartphones, aims to return to classic RPGs, where paper and pen were used, and players had the ability to create their own non-predetermined story, without limitations.

We just have to wait for the Sega show, which will be held on 1 October 2021 at 10pm Japanese (15:00 Italian) and will last about an hour. You will find news about the announcements of the Tokyo Games Show 2021 on the, while for games at discounted prices we recommend you visit the Instant Gaming store.

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