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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction: Ubisoft Unveils Free Content Roadmap

Ubisoft® has revealed that various post-launch content of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction will be completely free; The game will feature a constantly evolving endgame available for launch worldwide on January 20, 2022.

Risk it all in Protocol Maelstrom, an exciting weekly challenge mode with tiered leaderboards, made for the most skilled Rainbow Six players. Players face nine subzones with increasing difficulty, tougher enemies, resources that run out quickly, and allotted time that gets shorter with each stage. At each checkpoint, teams must choose whether to draw to accumulate their points. Earning points will guarantee a place for challengers in up to five classes, from Bronze to Silver, Gold, Platinum and even Diamond Class, each of which rewards players with special headgear and REACT credits.

Rainbow Six Extraction will feature a variety of exciting challenges, including Crisis Events and Assignments. Crisis events are limited-time events that modify the game with themed content, introducing a new operator to your roster or a new dangerous enemy to defeat. In the first Crisis Event, Spillover, players must wipe out mass colonies of an evolved version of Sprawl as hordes of Arks attempt to stop them. These events will have like
rewards exclusive REACT technology, new cosmetics and new lore.

Weekly missions will feature game modifiers that test players’ skills. For example, Veteran mode has no HUD, limited ammo, and friendly fire activated. At launch, players can tackle both the Maelstrom Protocol and Weekly Assignments, with Crisis Events available shortly thereafter.

The Standard Edition of Rainbow Six Extraction is available for pre-order at the new price of € 39.99, which includes free post-launch content, Buddy Pass tokens, a deep operator progression system, four adjustable difficulty levels, 13 objectives dynamic mission, over 60 weapons, Rainbow Six Siege legacy technology, 15 unique REACT technologies and Maelstrom Protocol, a weekly challenge mode.

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Each Edition of the game will unlock two Buddy Pass invitations which will allow you to invite your friends to play with you for free for 14 days on most platforms. Any achievements that team members have achieved during these two weeks will be made available for purchase of the full game. All pre-orders will also unlock the Orbital Decay Cosmetic Pack for Extraction. The Deluxe Edition, which includes Standard Edition content and three additional bonus packs, is also available for preorder for $ 49.99.

Players who play both Rainbow Six Siege and Rainbow Six Extraction will receive the United Front Pack, which contains four exclusive gear sets split across the two games, and instantly unlocks the entire list of Extraction’s 18 Operators in Siege.

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