Tom Hanks sta per lanciare il proprio trivia game su Apple Arcade thumbnail

Tom Hanks is about to launch his own trivia game on Apple Arcade

Tom Hanks is about to launch his own trivia game on Apple Arcade thumbnail

Among the novelties of Apple Arcade in September there will also be Hanx101, a trivia game created and developed in collaboration with Tom Hanks. The game, which will consist of a kind of quiz, will test players in different categories: from mathematics to geography passing through the culinary arts.

What We Know About Hanx101: The Tom Hanks Game Coming to Apple Arcade

Hanx101 will arrive in the Apple Arcade catalog this Friday (September 2, 2022). The game description reads:

“Will you be able to complete the Hanx101 challenge? The questions keep coming! Beat your high score or challenge others in head-to-head quiz matches or team games. Play, learn, compete and become a quiz master with Hanx101 Trivia, created and developed in collaboration with actor and director Tom Hanks ”.

The game will feature an initial series of 58,000 questions in a wide range of categories and will be narrated by Hanks.

However, Hanx101 isn’t the only game coming to Apple Arcade in September. Other titles announced are in fact:

  • Horizon Chase 2: Arcade racing game with an online multiplayer mode, out September 9th
  • Garden Tails: Match and Grow: A puzzle coming September 16th
  • Shovel Knight Dig: A 2D side scrolling platformer. It will arrive in the catalog on 23 September.
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