Tom, il ciclomotore elettrico che si piega e si porta come un trolley. Un progetto italiano che rivoluziona la mobilità urbana thumbnail

TOM, the electric moped that folds and is carried like a trolley

There is in the family of sustainable mobility Tomthe moped folding in bamboo of the “GenZ”. After a year, when Reinova formalize the project To-Move, Tom it is among the protagonists of those vehicles born to be at the service of last mile transport.

Tom, the moped allied with mobility

The moped Tom designed and built with the aim of respecting nature. So the designer Andrea Strippoli and to other colleagues of the Turin Polytechnic, have developed a new vehicle. The foldable bamboo electric scooter become part of the media revolution of the future.

Above all, Tom it is Made in Italy, it is functional thanks to its easy handling. This ensures that it can be folded and transported as if it were a trolley.

A vehicle that at 360° is able to deal with any urban or extra-urban context. It can be easily and practically transported on vehicles such as trains and planes, with important advantages from the point of view of mobility.

The modular development of the scooter allows for different speeds and accelerations, according to the intended use and autonomy requests.

Tom, the foldable bamboo moped by “GenZ”, site source

Tom, how the moped is made

On the balance Tom reaches the weight of 20 kg. To fold the moped it takes seven seconds and measure 0.95m high and 1.28m long. Thanks to the two wheels placed in the back it can be easily dragged.

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The electric propulsion system is given 500 W and is close to the speed of 45 km/h. While the drums and of 750 Wh from the autonomy of 50 km. Furthermore, thanks to a gearbox control unit, it is possible to opt between a higher speed mode and a mode which instead favors greater autonomy.

For energy replenishment, it recharges through any Jack standard, even in quick mode. The TCU telematics control unit completes the technical equipment.

Tom, the "GenZ" folding bamboo moped, site sourceTom, the foldable bamboo moped by “GenZ”, site source

In addition the electric motor is part of an innovative circular economy project which provides for the production in Italia vehicle, ancillary components and battery. In this regard the ceo Of Reinova e president Of ToMove Joseph Corcione, he explains: “This way we can guarantee a high level of quality. Together with a particular attention to environmental sustainability. We are strongly convinced that Made in Italy represents one of the fundamental elements of the Tom project, both in terms of design and production and manufacturing”.

The system of safety is composed of a double Brake a disco and there is one Double Suspension at the front.

Tom is always connected and sustainable

Thanks to’app ToMove you are always up to date on parameters of the vehicle and his position. The project focuses on sustainability. TOM is assembled with natural and recyclable materials, such as aluminum and bamboo. The shells are interchangeable, with the possibility for the user to customize the moped with different colors and patterns.

Where to buy Tom

Tomove will continue the project Tomfinanced thanks to a crowdfunding campaign, starting on June 6th on the platform Kickstarter. In a note, Andrea Strippoli, CEO of the start-up ToMove, writes: “This is an excellent and modern way of raising funds for our project. With this form of self-financing it is possible to test the market for our vehicle, analyzing the trend in demand”.

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