Tomb Raider: The Next Chapter will be published by Amazon Games

Tomb Raider: il prossimo capitolo sarà pubblicato da Amazon Games

Raise your hand if you have never played or heard of Tomb Raider, the famous archaeologist is about to return in a new chapter signed by Amazon Games and Crystal Dynamics

It’s been years since that historic first episode of 1996 appeared on PC, Sega Saturn and first PlayStation, but the charm of Lara Croft has never stopped attracting entire generations over the years. Now it seems that the new chapter of Tomb Raider will be published by Amazon Games and Crystal Dynamicsbut let’s go ahead with a little order.

Tomb Raider: new adventures on date to be defined

As already mentioned here, the new adventures of the famous archaeologist will shoot obviously on Unreal Engine 5 in such a way, as said by the developers themselves, as to allow players to playing with a “safe and multidimensional” Lara Croft while the environments will be rich in enemies, alternative paths and creative solutions for solving the various puzzles.

Tomb Raider: The Next Chapter will be published by Amazon Games

Although the title is still under development, Crystal Dynamics, famous for the Gex trilogy and for the brace of Pandemonium as well as for some adventures of Lara Croft, he has already declared that they aim to create a decidedly larger and more unique chapter than the others already created. For the moment there is no date, but we leave you with the reassuring words from Scot Amos, head of the Crystal Dynamics study:

With Amazon Games, we have found a team that shares our creative vision, ambitions and values ​​for a Lara Croft universe across the spectrum of possibilities. They are in a unique position to rewrite what development and publishing partnerships are all about, and we look forward to forging this new path together, starting with the creation of the biggest and best Tomb Raider game ever!

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