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Tongyi Qianwen, the Chinese rival of ChatGPT created by Alibaba

The Chinese tech giant Ali Baba announced its own artificial intelligence ChatGPT-style product, the Chinese rival called Tongyi Qianwen. Its cloud computing unit says it will integrate the chatbot into Alibaba’s operations in the “near future,” but it didn’t provide further details.

Alibaba introduces ChatGPT’s Chinese rival to “seek an answer by asking a thousand questions”

Alibaba announced earlier this year that it wanted to launch ChatGPT’s Chinese rival, called Tongyi Qianwen, which roughly means “seeking an answer by asking a thousand questions”. The company has not yet provided an English version of the name.

“We are at a time of technological change driven by generative artificial intelligence and cloud computing,” he said Daniel Zhang, president and chief executive officer of Alibaba, during the launch of Tongyi Qianwen. The company claimed that ChatGPT’s Chinese rival, which is capable of working in both English and Chinesewill initially be added to DingTalkthe messaging app used by Alibaba workers.

The tasks that ChatGPT’s Chinese rival is able to perform

Tongyi Qianwen will be able to perform a variety of tasks, including turn conversations in meetings into written notes, write emails and draft business proposals, according to the Chinese company. And not only that: the integration of Tmall Geniea speaker that acts as a voice assistant similar to Amazon’s Alexa.

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Artificial intelligence at the service of giants, between hopes and fears

Microsoft spent billions of dollars on ChatGPT technology, which was added to its search engine Bing in February. The US software giant also said it will incorporate a version of ChatGPT into its Office apps, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Also Google of Alphabet and the Chinese technology group Baidu have announced their own AI models and released similar chatbots.

Last month, a group of high-profile figures in the tech industry called for the training of powerful AI systems to be halted amid fears of a threat to humanity. The CEO of Twitter, Elon Muskand the co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniakwere among those who signed an open letter warning about the potential risks and said that the race to develop artificial intelligence systems is out of control.

Meanwhile, a recent report from investment bank Goldman Sachs estimated that artificial intelligence could replace the equivalent of 300 million full-time jobs. On the Italian front, however, the stance is drastic. Earlier this month, Italy became the first western nation to block ChatGPTwith the country’s data protection authority citing privacy concerns.

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