ToothPic: passwordless solutions for secure smartworking

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The innovative startup made in Turin, ToothPic, takes stock of the situation on the issue of smartworking and home working during the period of “back to work” of September. There IT security is now a priority and the world of work has to deal with a strong growth in cyber attacks.

Cyber ​​attacks are on the rise: a passwordless system can be used to counter them

A recent studio at IBM Security, in fact, it detected a significant increase in cyber attacks on companies with a very high cost (over 4 million dollars per accident). According to Report on ICT Security in Italy, in 2020 they were registered 1871 severe attacks in the public domain with a 12% increase compared to the previous year. The situation is therefore very delicate.

ToothPic invented, designed, developed and patented one MFA technology (Multifactor Authentication) one of a kind. This technology allows the smartphone to become a secure access key for online authentication. This way you can benefit from a “passwordless” authentication system able to offer high security.

ToothPic’s solution takes advantage of the hidden and involuntary signature that each smartphone camera leaves. In this way, the device can become a unique authentication tool. Focusing on “passwordless” solutions is the right strategy to avoid the theft of access credentials which represent one of the most used systems for carrying out a cyber attack.

ToothPic’s comment on the risks of smartworking and credential theft

The founders of ToothPic, Enrico Magli, Diego Valsesia, Giulio Coluccia and Tiziano Bianchi, underline: “Unfortunately, the numerous thefts of credentials in recent months have shown how much the traditional access methods are still too vulnerable today, as well as not very user-friendly, especially for those who work in large companies, financial institutions and the Public Administration”

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