Battlefield 2042: beta coming soon?

According to what was reported by a well-known Italian retail chain, the beta of Battlefield 2042 should begin shortly. Let’s see the details together

It is now just over a month before the release of Battlefield 2042. However, players are waiting to know, as happens with titles of this genre, when the beta of Battlefield 2042 will begin. According to a couple of clues, perhaps we can advance a hypothesis about when this should arrive. If confirmed, it would be great news for all fans of the saga. As the game will feature different Announcements compared to the previous chapters, while keeping it intact spirit.

Will the Battlefield 2042 beta start soon?

EA had announced for some time that before the launch Battlefield 2042 would come out there beta. Unfortunately no information was revealed about When this should have come. It seems though that players won’t have to wait very. Apparently, a well-known chain retail Italian electronic products seems to have unveiled the exact dates when the beta will start. In the title listing on your own site, the pre-order page reads: “pre-order the game by September 3rd and you will receive access to the beta of the game from September 6 until’Sept. 11“. Also, some file concerning the beta have emerged within the store PlayStation e Microsoft.

Battlefield 2042: beta coming soon?

In short, after all these clues, it shouldn’t be far there confirmation official by DICE and Electronic Arts. We remember that Battlefield 2042 will contain several mode unpublished as far as multiplayer is concerned. Starting from Battlefield Portal, passing through the brand new Hazard Zone without forgetting the classic conquest and breakthrough modes within All-out warfare. Battles in Battlefield 2042 will be epic, as the maximum number of players up to a total of 128 per game. Battlefield 2042 comes out on 22 October for all consoles and PCs.

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