Top 5 best Disney Christmas classics

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There is a Christmas atmosphere in this month of December, Santa Claus is about to arrive with many gifts for all the good children in the world, but there are still a few days left before he arrives and what is the best way to wait for him? Watch a nice Christmas movie! Here are the 5 best Disney classics to watch at Christmas while waiting for the big day

December is always a cold month, in which, in order not to fall ill, but also to breathe the Christmas air and stay nice and comfortable in the heat, it is an excellent idea to sit on the sofa with a nice blanket, a hot chocolate and, if it’s possible, even a nice fireplace that heats the house and creates the right atmosphere. What’s the best thing to do on the couch? See a good movie! And what films we can watch during the holidays A beautiful classic Disney Christmas Card!

Top 5 best Disney Christmas classics

Mickey Mouse and the Magic of Christmas | Top 5 best Disney Christmas classics

The Disney icon Mickey Mouse could not be missing from the list, with his Christmas film Mickey Mouse and the magic of Christmas. This film is a collection of three stories which are not related to each other, starring the families of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy. The three families will face various difficulties that every family can encounter in real life and, through various family quarrels and economic problems, the characters will understand together the true meaning of Christmas.

Top 5 best Disney Christmas classics

A Christmas Carol | Top 5 best Disney Christmas classics

Based on the short story A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, you absolutely cannot not have seen this film, a Christmas classic. The protagonist is a grumpy old banker named Ebenezer Scroogevoiced by the impeccable Jim Carrey, who after having treated the poor, his colleagues and even his family badly, will receive an important lesson on the importance of Christmas. One night, Scrooge is visited by three spirits: Christmas past, Christmas present and Christmas future. From each of them Scrooge will learn a life lesson and begin to appreciate not only those close to him, but also to help those in need, finally understanding the meaning of Christmas.

Top 5 best Disney Christmas classics

Mickey’s Christmas Carol | Top 5 best Disney Christmas classics

If by chance the film with Jim Carrey wasn’t enough, there is also an interpretation of the Charles Dickens story with the Mickey Mouse characters. Mickey’s Christmas Carol tells the same story as A Christmas Carol, but with Uncle Scrooge as Scroogewhile playing the three ghosts of Christmas past, Christmas present and Christmas future are respectively the Jiminy Cricket, Willie the Giant and Pietro Gambadilegno. As in the original story, Uncle Scrooge understands the meaning of Christmas and becomes a better person.

Top 5 best Disney Christmas classics

Nightmare Before Christmas | Top 5 best Disney Christmas classics

A question everyone asks when they want to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas is “Is it better to watch it on Halloween or Christmas?“. We, personally, think that Christmas is the most suitable period. Yes, because even though the world in which Jack lives is a world full of monstrous creatures, there is a Christmas atmosphere. In Tim Burton’s masterpiece, the protagonist will discover by pure chance the city ​​of Christmas, which he remains enthusiastic about, especially after growing tired of Halloween. Jack will try to understand the meaning of Christmas and to do so he will decorate the land of Halloween Christmas themed and will replace Santa Claus to teach what he has learned to his fellow villagers.

Top 5 best Disney Christmas classics

Amazing Mickey Mouse Christmas! | Top 5 best Disney Christmas classics

Let’s go back to talking about the iconic Disney mascot with Amazing Mickey Mouse Christmas! This film rides the wave of the previous Christmas film, this time with five stories, the fifth will then unite all the protagonists of the previous four stories. The protagonists are again Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy with their families, but they are also added Here, Quo and Here with Uncle Scrooge and Pluto. This film, however, is made in 3D computer animation. The stories are touching and engaging, so you absolutely can’t miss them!

Christmas is the most magical time of the year and we think these Disney classics make this holiday even more magical and bring the family closer together. Continue to follow us on so as not to miss other lists, tops, guides and news from the world of cinema. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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