Top 5 best films with Jason Momoa

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Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is about to arrive in theaters all over the world and will see the return of the nice and talented actor Jason Momoa, but Arthur Curry is not the only great character he has played, in his career there are many films that we feel we can advise you: here is the top 5 of the best films with Jason Momoa!

After the new trailer for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom in which the famous and beloved actor Jason Momoa will return, we have decided to list the 5 best films with the leading actor, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy his acting performance on which all the attention is centred. Jason Momoa has a long career where he has predominantly played roles combative and brutal menalthough each with its own facet.

Sweet Girl | Top 5 best films with Jason Momoa

Would you have ever thought that Jason Momoa could play the role from loving and vengeful father? In Sweet Girl that’s exactly what her character is. Ray Cooper, survival expert, husband of a beautiful woman named Amanda and father of a teenage girl Rachel, he is obsessed from the desire to kill Simon Keeley, CEO of BioPrime, a corrupt pharmaceutical company that has carried out illegal activities that they caused the death of his wife. The story will also involve his daughter and will introduce us to the mental conflict Ray is going through about what is more important: avenging his wife or taking care of Rachel?

Slumberland – In the world of dreams | Top 5 best films with Jason Momoa

This film diversifies Jason Momoa’s typical roles a bit, giving them an extra twist sympathy and childishness and moving him away from the classic dark man of action. Slumberland is about a little girl, Nemo, who lives with his father in a lighthouse. Her father Peter told her several times about her and his dear friend Flip (Jason Momoa) and their adventures in search of a cave of magical pearls, a cave that unfortunately they never found. After Peter’s death, little Nemo goes to live with her uncle Philip, leading a completely different life in the metropolitan city. One night, her stuffed pig comes to life and takes her to Slumberland, the world of dreams, where the little girl meets the cute outlaw Flip, who her father talked about. The two together will try to fulfill Peter’s wish by finding the cave of magical pearls.

Fast X | Top 5 best films with Jason Momoa

This is the first movie where Jason Momoa plays the role of the villain. Fast X is the tenth chapter of the saga, in which Dom’s team clashes with that of Dante Reyes, son of Hernan Reyes, who died indirectly at the hands of Dom. In this film, Momoa’s character puts the protagonists in serious trouble, thus taking the heat from Vin Diesel and all the other cast members. The villain is crazy, dangerous and pays little attention to the rules. Dante Reyes is, simply put, the highlight of the film.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League | Top 5 migliori film con Jason Momoa

Here we see the character of for the first time Arthur Curry (actually in the first version, but we take this as the canon one). Unlike Josh Whedon’s version, here Aquaman is treated with due respect and has his own space within the film. Zack Snyder’s version of Justice League is much more constructed, well-structured and told than the film version, making 4 hours of film feel like 20 minutes. This full version mesmerizes viewers, especially fans of the characters, and perfectly introduces the character of Aquaman to the DC Universe.

Aquaman | Top 5 best films with Jason Momoa

And here we are at the crucial point, the film that marked the turning point in Jason Momoa’s acting career, Aquaman. With this film, the actor gains even more fame and surpasses the role that was most often associated with him, Khal Drogo. Aquaman, in fact, broke various records in China, for best grossing debut for a Warner Bros film, best debut in December and best grossing of the DC Extended Universe. Aquaman is also among the top grossing films in the history of cinema. The story is about the origins of Aquaman and how Arthur becomes the infamous superhero and king of Atlantis. A story of war, family and responsibility. In this film, set after the events of Batman V Superman e Justice LeagueArthur accepts his role as the rightful king of Atlantis.

Jason Momoa’s career is long and full of films, some panned by critics, but others loved by the public. The products in which he took part are varied, but these are, in our opinion, the best in which he is the protagonist. Continue to follow us on so as not to miss other top films and TV series.

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