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TOP 50: The Power List of Italian cinema 2023

A special dedicated to the Power List on the most influential talents and professionals of Italian cinema in 2023. Let’s find out all the details of the Top together

As every year, The Power List dedicated to the 50 most influential talents and professionals of our Italian film scene is back. A TOP 50 list compiled exclusively by the hand of Paolo Sinopoli e George Viaro; respectively contained in the magazines Box Office and Best Movie.

The focus of this ranking is dedicated to the great changes within the audiovisual world and a cinema market; without taking into consideration the performances and exploits linked to television series, streaming platforms or, as in the case of Checco Zalone, theatrical stages.

TOP 50: The Power List of Italian cinema 2023

The ranking of Talents | TOP 50: The Power List of Italian cinema 2023

The long Top 50 of the most influential talents in the Italian panorama places at the top Power List del cinema 2023; the Italian actor Pierfrancesco Favino. Recently appeared in the film, The Last Night of Love directed by Andrew DiStefano; Favino proves to be a guarantee of successes and interpretations, standing out in the spotlight for the quality of the films and the productive vision.

Able to characterize every character and personality, he manages to make every single detail and interpretation pure and unique. Favino will be present at the Venice Film Festival with the opening film Comandante by Edoardo De Angelis, and with the new film directed by director Stefano Sollima, Adagio.

TOP 50: The Power List of Italian cinema 2023

In second place are the trio of Aldo, John and Jamesthanks to the great triumph of the film The big day. A close-knit return of the well-known Trio alongside Massimo Venierranking at the top of the big collections of 2023 of the Italian box office.

Third place of the TOP 50 for Paolo Sorrentino, considered among the most influential authors globally, coming from our Italian panorama. Sorrentino has recently returned to the set to retell Naples, in a private vision, full of mysteries and amorous mythologies. The duo follows the list Ficarra and Picone demonstrating that they are also comfortable in arthouse cinema with the film, The strangeness and soon to arrive with their new Christmas film. The couple (ex-aequo) closes this Top 5 Alessandro Borghi & Luca Marinelli; friends on set and in life, loved by the public, at the center of the extraordinary result of The eight mountains.

TOP 50: The Power List of Italian cinema 2023

They follow:

  • Tony Servillo (6);
  • Nanni Moretti (7);
  • Antonio Albanese (8);
  • Fabio De Luigi (9);
  • Marco Bellocchio (10).
  • Riccardo Milani (11);
  • Alessandro Siani (12);
  • I controlled Te (13);
  • Paolo Genovese (14);
  • Gianni Amelio (15);
  • Luca Guadagnino (16);
  • Edoardo Leo (17);
  • Paola Cortellesi (18);
  • Paolo Virzi (19);
  • Mario Martone (20).
  • Pupi Avati (21);
  • Matteo Garrone (22);
  • Barbara Ronchi (23);
  • Giulia Steigerwalt (24)
  • Valerio Mastandrea (25).

The Ranking of Professionals | TOP 50: The Power List of Italian cinema 2023

In the first place of Professional ranking of the Power List of Italian cinema 2023we find the minister of culture Gennaro Sangiuliano. Gifted with great interest and esteem for cinema, he launched an impressive 20 million euro communication campaign, entitled Cinema Revolution. Another initiative promoted by him is known for the choice of reduced tickets at €3.50 for Italian and European films released in theaters between the two editions of Cinema in Festa in June and September.

TOP 50: The Power List of Italian cinema 2023

In second position of the TOP 50, figure Paul Del Brocco, CEO of Rai Cinema, reconfirmed at the top of the public company. Del Brocco in the three-year period 2020-2022 has allocated 240 million euros to Italian cinema. In third place, we find Massimiliano Orfei, CEO of Vision Distribution. Successful figure continues to strengthen his position, confirming himself among the major reference players of Italian cinema thanks to the achievement of important results at the box office and the victory of prestigious awards.

Fourth place for Giampaolo Lettavice president and chief executive officer of Medusa Movie. Winning out of a season in which they shone above all The big day with protagonists Aldo, John and James, e The strangeness Of Roberto went. The top 5 of the Power List of Italian cinema in the Professional sphere; is concluded by Alessandro Araimo, General Manager Italy & Iberia of Warner Bros. Discovery. A figure considered of great importance, in recent years you have been able to build credibility on the front of Italian cinema by successfully focusing on new talents (as for Me against You) and offering a mix of genres between authorial works and comedies.

TOP 50: The Power List of Italian cinema 2023

The conclusion of the Top 50 follows:

  • Nicola Maccanico (6);
  • Mario Gianani (7);
  • Iginio Straffi and Alessandro Usai (8);
  • Ramón Biarnés and Francesco Grandinetti (9);
  • Andrea and Raffaella Leone (10);
  • Marco Cohen, Fabrizio Donvito and Bendetto Habib (11);
  • Fulvio and Federica Lucisano (12);
  • Dominic Procacci (13);
  • Benedetto Habib, Luigi Lonigro, Mario Lorini and Francesco Rutelli (14);
  • Lorenzo Mieli (15);
  • Carlo Degli Esposti (16);
  • Andrea Occhipinti (17);
  • Beppe Helmet (18);
  • Antonio Avati (19);
  • Piera Detassis (20);
  • Guglielmo Marchetti (21);
  • Nicholas Corigliano (22);
  • Cristina Priarone (23);
  • Comb Ben Ammar e Andrea Goretti (24);
  • Matteo Rovere (25) and Roberto Stabile (25).


The special dedicated to the TOP 50 The Power List of Italian cinema 2023 ends here. We’ll be back next year with a new complete list of the most influential names in the Italian cinematic world, together with a look of great propensity for the future. Continue to follow us on to not miss any updates in the world of cinema and TV series!

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