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Top Gun 3 could be reality, according to Miles Teller

Top Gun: Maverick has firmly established itself as the best film product of the last period. Thanks to the success of the film, Miles Teller (Rooster) took it easy, revealing the likelihood of continuing with a third installment of the saga

Top Gun 3 a dream? After the success of Top Gun: Maverick – sequel to the legendary 1986 original film – there is no doubt that a third film in the saga would be pleasing to fans and others alike. As we know, Tom Cruise he is quite skeptical of his own, it is difficult for him to announce a project if he is not sure of its success, in fact Top Gun: Maverick has been a taboo subject for the actor for years, eclipsed in every conversation. His every linger on the sequel dissipated as he found the right story, and the rest is history: 1,183,600,000 dollars collected.

Top Gun 3 could come true, according to Miles Teller

Miles Tellerinterpreter of Rooster in Top Gun: Maverick, son of the deceased Goose in the first film of the saga, he talks about a Top Gun 3. After various comments over the past few weeks, Teller has returned to address the topic saying he is ready to return in the eventual third chapter of the saga. His words a Entertainment Tonight were:

We discussed it with Tom. We will see. That would be great, but it all depends on TC. It all depends on Tom.

Tom Cruise and Miles Teller bonded a lot on setdeveloping a very special relationship: and to think that initially the young Rooster interpreter had turned down the part! For Miles Teller it was an exciting journey, which led him to feel an integral part of the franchise: playing the son of Goose, seen as a child in the Top Gun thirty years ago, was a moment full of emotions. A reason enough to return to be part of the cast in the hypothetical third film of the saga.

Maverick’s numbers

The second film in the saga hit the box office, $ 1,183,600,000, scoring the best success ever of the now sixty-year-old actor. The charming Maverick is co-producer of the film, true pulsating engine of the project after the death of Tony Scott, as well as for his latest effort expected in 2023: Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 1 (for Part 2 we will have to wait until 2024).

Top Gun 3 could be reality, according to Miles Teller

The success of the second film in the saga brought a lot of cash into the pockets of the protagonists, just think that Tom Cruise received a pharaonic sum to make the sequel, paid with $ 12.5 million upfront. After exceeding the billion dollar mark by Top Gun: Maverickthe Mission: Impossible actor’s earnings can be estimated to be around $ 55 million more than his standard salary. The studios they are convinced of the success achieved and clearly want the continuous path, to the young actor Miles Teller would like to go back to the set, will be convinced too Tom Cruise to make the sequel to Top Gun: Maverick?

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