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Tormenta 2022 circuit: everything is ready for the start of the tournament

Riot Games announced the departure of the new Storm Circuit 2022amateur competition designed for all its fans, which will open its doors starting from Friday 18 March at 16:00, with a dedicated event where all the news of the new year will be introduced.

The Tormenta Circuit is ready to restart for 2022

Introduced by Carlo BaroneSupervisor, Brand Management Italy di Riot Games e Orlando PalaiCompetitive Experience Manager, Iberia & Italy of Riot Games, the streaming event will give all fans the opportunity to discover the methods of participation, the various stages of the competition articulated on the different titles, as well as giving a first look at the main news of this second year of ‘Tormenta’.

PG Sport x League of Legends, ProGaming x VALORANT, QLASH x League of Legends: Wild Rift e Teamfight Tacticshere are the partners of Riot Games, with their respective reference titles, in this adventure about to begin.

The competition will allow non-professional players to compete in a competitive environment open to all, experiencing a pro-player experience firsthand. Furthermore, for games that already enjoy a mature ecosystem and competitions at a professional level in our territory, the Tormenta Circuit can represent a real path of growth and access to a professional career.

The appointment is therefore for Friday 18 March at 16:00 for the live streaming event of Circuito Tormenta. Also from Friday, it will then be possible to register at Storm Circuit 2022. For more information and how to register, we refer you to the official website of the event.

The competitions will be broadcast live on the official Twitch channel of Riot Italia, on that of PG Esports, Agent’s Range and Qlash. To follow them then you will have a wide choice of channels.

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