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Android 13 Developer Preview 2, here are the news

Android 13 Developer Preview 2, here are the news thumbnail

One month after the release of the very first version, Android 13 comes in version Developer Preview 2 with a lot of news. The new version, designed to let app developers try out the new features, comes in conjunction with the announcement of the Google I / O 2022.

Android 13 Developer Preview 2: all the news

New APIs, UI improvements and new features. All news that will emerge in the coming days, while the developers test the Developer Preview 2 on Android 13. But some information is already available.

For example, the new approach to privacy: with the new software we will see a specific message when an application (both proprietary and third-party) asks access to notifications. There are also news regarding the Asian languages, cwith a better representation on the screen. For languages ​​such as Tibetan or Japanese Bunetsu you can choose a different line spacing height.

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Furthermore the lower taskbarintroduced in Android 12L for devices with large screens, it also arrives for Android 13. With an icon dedicated to the App Drawer, which allows you to access the entire list of applications on your smartphone.

Developer Preview 2 is the last first the arrival of the beta of the new version of the operating system From the month of April therefore even ‘normal’ users will be able to test the version of the operating system on their Google Pixel (and possibly on other devices with the appropriate software changes). Google will fix bugs and roll out new features until June.

With the betas we should see more features directly usable by users. But we have already got to see that Google is pushing to increase the possibility of customizationwhile giving prominence to the theme privacy. We will keep you updated with all the news of the case.

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