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Toshiba TV presents the new series of QLED and OLED 4K smart TVs

Toshiba TV company has announced the imminent release of its brand new series of QLED and OLED 4K smart TVs

The range, which will be launched in the autumn, includes several series of Toshiba QLED TVs, each designed with a different smart platform, including VIDAA TV and Google TV. The range also includes the XA9D OLED TV series; that fits a wider variety of entertainment needs and includes space-saving 42-inch and 48-inch models.

The series QG5E QLED Google TV TM and XA9D OLED TV offer next generation gaming support; with HDMI 2.1 certified features, including Variable Refresh Rate (VRR).

Toshiba TV presents the new series of QLED and OLED 4K smart TVs

Details on the new Toshiba QLED and QLED 4K TV series

Toshiba TV is ready to deliver a sensational and personalized home entertainment experience, suitable for every smart home setup. All this thanks to the launch of its new and dynamic line of TVs. The collection includes several QLED ranges, powered by a variety of intelligent platforms; including VIDAA TV, and an expanded lineup of 4K HDR OLED TVswith models to suit every entertainment need and home style.

Secondo Baris AltinkayaVice President of Marketing and Product Management, the new ranges have been designed to offer greater choice:

Great home entertainment technology should deliver cinema-quality picture and sound, but more importantly, it should allow viewers to access and interact with content in a familiar and intuitive way. With our new range, we have worked hard to combine the latest audio-visual technologies, in different size models, with all the popular smart platforms, so that viewers can enjoy a quality, immersive home entertainment experience from large screen, suited to their needs

Toshiba QLED 4K HDR smart TV series

The new Toshiba QLED 4K HDR Smart TV ranges offer unprecedented choice; allowing customers to select the model with the smart platform that’s right for them. The brand has just introduced a range of VIDAA-powered QLED TVsas well as several other series powered by Google TV, Android TV, Fire TV and Linux.

Designed with 43, 50, 55 and 65 inch screens, Toshiba QLED Smart TVs with VIDAA technology offer over 200 global and local applications. Thanks to intelligent recommendations and the universal search function that allows you to search for content in all available apps – These include Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney +, thanks to which it becomes really easy to find all the entertainment you want.

The VIDAA voice assistant completes the TV viewing experience, allowing you to use your voice to control your Smart TV and Smart Home devices.

Whatever you decide to watch, QLED TVs promise a vibrant and lifelike picture on screen; covering over 90% of the DC1-P3 color gamut to bring true-to-life colors and images to every scene. The audio is just as impressive. Thanks to the DTS Virtual:X system, the televisions’ built-in speakers deliver rich, room-filling sound from behind, beside and above viewers.

La serie QG5E QLED Google TV TM

The Toshiba QG5E QLED Google TV series is also a benchmark for premium home entertainment. With Google TV TM, the 43, 50, 55 and 65 inch TV series offers a world of intelligently organized content for viewers of all ages. Without having to launch a single app, viewers can instantly access all the most viewed and recommended content, right from the home screen.

For gamers, the TVs are equipped with HDMI 2.0 certified next-generation features, including Variable Refresh Rate (VRR). This allows the TV to keep up with the high-speed action and perfectly display motion on the screen in an ultra-sharp, smooth and stutter-free manner.

Toshiba TV presents the new series of QLED and OLED 4K smart TVs

The Toshiba XA9D OLED 4K HDR Smart TV range

Toshiba’s range of OLED TVs has also been redesigned to fit more homes and to meet the entertainment criteria of individual viewers. The premium models of the Toshiba TV collection are, with their first-class OLED panels, at the forefront of home cinema technology; capable of exceptional color vibrancy, deeper blacks and an almost infinite contrast ratio.

As the range has expanded, this breathtaking OLED picture performance, rich in detail and nuance, are now available in a greater variety of screen sizes; including the compact and comfortable 42 and 48 inch TVs.

These 42- and 48-inch TVs, like many other Toshiba OLED models, are Imax Enhanced certified; which means they have been quality tested by IMAX and proven to deliver super sharp and bright images.

Like all Toshiba TVs, they are also equipped with the Tru Picture Engine, the brand’s signature image enhancement engine, and Dolby Vision support. The flagship and larger OLED TV models also offer HDMI 2.1 certified gaming functions, including variable refresh rate (VRR).

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