Tot integrates the F24 payment, for a completely digital management

Tot integra il pagamento F24, per una gestione tutta digitale thumbnail

The Italian platform arrived on the market a few months ago Until already announces a new tool: the native F24 payment, also by proxy. A really useful tool for freelancers and micro-enterprises, which the banking platform offers to its customers. For fully digital financial and administrative management.

Tot announces the integration of the F24 payment

The native integration of the F24 to the company account, oras-a-service offer from Banca Sella, allows you to pay ordinary, simplified models and excise duties instantly. Professionals and micro-enterprises who choose this service can pay both in debit and credit and with payment receipts immediately available.

By doing this, you can pay for the F24 models in complete autonomy. Also waiting the last day before the deadline. In fact, the account is already connected with the portal of the Revenue Agency via interfaces Entratel e Fisconline. A great convenience also for accountants. That in this way they can pay the F24 proxies by direct debit to the customer’s account.

If, like many Italians, you too are frightened by transactions of this type, fear not. Indeed Tot has developed un’interfaccia smart e user friendly, ssimple to fill out. And automatically checks that the data entered are filled in correctly. So you avoid errors and delays.

Doris Messina, Andrea Susta and Bruno Reggiani, the co-founders of Tot

Bruno Reggiani, COO and Co-Founder of Tot, explains: “The management of taxes and the payment of contributions takes time and resources away from entrepreneurs, simplifying the payment helps them concretely in the management, leaving them free to devote themselves to business growth “.

The COO explains that the implementation of this feature had the highest priority. “Our community, which grows day by day and which helped co-create Tot’s offering, confirmed to us that the F24 remains one of the primary features to have in a modern business account. A feature to which we have therefore assigned the highest priority, to respond quickly to customer needs “.

Among the other functions of Tot are a payment account and a credit card Visa Business. A service that is becoming more and more complete for all professionals.

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