De’Longhi: news for the summer with Pinguino Care4Me and MultiGrill

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Important news is coming to the De’Longhi world, thanks to the new Pinguino Care4Me and the MultiGrill plate with heat probe

The hottest and most torrid time of the year is almost upon us and indeed, given the trend of these days, we could say that it arrived well in advance. All companies are well prepared and for this De’Longhi presented the new air conditioner Penguin Care4Me and, for lovers of outdoor cooking, the new plate MultiGrill. Two products that could mitigate the summer heat and give us excellent food to eat in company under a starry sky. Let’s find out together.

MultiGrill and Pinguino Care4Me, here are the summer news from De’Longhi

For those looking for relief from the heat, the new is here Penguin Care4Me. It looks like an evolved version of the iconic portable air conditioner and, thanks to the Wifi connection, can be remotely controlled and also operated via smartphone. It has a cooling capacity of 13,000 Btu / h and can be used in large rooms, up to 120 m³.

With technology MyEco RealFeel and the Cool Surround Technology ensures the total well-being of those who use it: the MyEco Real Feel function adapts the functioning of the Penguin in an intelligent way and, also through the feedback requested from the user through the app, combines temperature and humidity to reach the ideal level of well-being, favoring a saving of 30% on electricity consumption. Cool Surround Technology, on the other hand, autonomously directs the air flow around the personwrapping it in a comfort zone thanks to a special sensor that communicates the position of the user via Bluetooth technology.

De'Longhi: news for the summer with Pinguino Care4Me and MultiGrill

For those who love to spend their days away from home and barbecues in the garden or on their balcony, MultiGrill is there multipurpose electric grill with temperature probe and three cooking positions, designed for total control over the preparation of each dish. With a power of 2200Wcan reach one maximum temperature of 265 ° and is characterized by the large cooking surface, ideal for 8 people.

The cooking mode “in contact“Is designed to plate hamburgers, sandwiches and paninis, while the position”barbecue“, With a surface even doubled and the possibility of controlling the two plates independently, thanks to the separate thermostats, it is ideal for grilling meats and vegetables. Finally, with the position “oven“, It is possible to grill with the lower plate and roast with the upper one, guaranteeing perfect cooking even of fish, pizza and other foods that cannot be crushed. Multigrill has aDedicated cookbook app, where it is possible to follow suggestions on the most suitable times and methods for cooking each dish. It also comes with three preset cooking programs e two sets of different plates, removable and dishwasher safe.

De'Longhi: news for the summer with Pinguino Care4Me and MultiGrill

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