Toyota GR Yaris: car news for the new year

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For the new year, Toyota has decided to make changes to its Toyota GR Yaris, leading to a renewal for the car both internally and externally: here are all the new features of the Toyota GR Yaris

The Toyota car company is one of the largest companies in the world, it is no coincidence that we put one of its cars in the top of the best cars under 30,000 euros. Toyota she usually surprises us with new surprises with her cars, creating new ones or making modifications by creating some new releases of its cars already on the market. Today is the case of Toyota GR Yaris, with some rather interesting news. The Japanese house has thought of a way to facilitate driving in racing, but above all he listened to user feedback this time positioning the cockpit in the right place. In the new version, sui 51.000 eurosome ergonomic errors have been fixed.

Toyota GR Yaris: car news for the new year

All the news about the Toyota GR Yaris

Externally, the grilles on the front and rear bumpers, which were previously covered with a plastic material and therefore very fragile, have been covered in metallo. Another thing they changed is the layout of the rear lights: The headlights now join together with a thin one LED strip, this solution is undoubtedly cleaner if we want to look at the style and will make it easier for the tuners to modify the rear spoiler. At the ends of the front bumper they added some ducts that channel air so that they create more orderly flows around the wheels. In the event of an accident, we no longer have to worry, because the outer parts of the bumper are now detached from the central area. Another novelty lies in the color: it will now be available in red, white, black, pearly white and grey.

Now let’s talk about the interior. First of all they are modernized and they have improved it a lot visibility, sportiness and usability. The seat is 25 millimeters lower and the TFT instrumentation has replaced the analogue one and has two display modes: Norm and Sport. In the mode Normal, a circular tachometer remains in the foreground; in mode SportHowever, the rev counter is a bar type, a typical layout for competitions. The new version has three driving modes: Eco, Normal and Sportwhere the response of the steering, accelerator, automatic transmission changes, but not the suspension. The steering is adjustable and makes it easy to reach all the controls. Now information is easy to read, it is easier to control everything and now the road can be seen well, because it is no longer covered by the display and the rear-view mirror. In the end, The seats are well paddedenveloping and well finished, like the seat belts.

Driving will certainly be much more pleasant now. What do you think about it? Tell us yours in the comments. Continue to follow us on for other news from the world of motors and much more.