TOZO Openbuds review: convenience for athletes at a budget price!

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Let’s discover together, in this dedicated review, what are the strengths and weaknesses of the TOZO Openbuds, the definitive sports headphones in terms of comfort at a truly accessible price

If you are a sports person, especially if you are a runner, one of your oldest problems is certainly the choice of earphones. There are two main needs: the adherence to the ear and the possibility of still being aware of the surrounding world. If you have difficulty finding a product that is right for you, or you just find some that are excessively expensive, perhaps our review of the TOZO Openbuds could help you. Where to find it? Exactly in this article. Ok come on, let’s stop being nice and get started.

Packaging and dimensions | TOZO Openbuds review

Let’s start with the packaging. The TOZO Openbuds arrived at our home in a simple cardboard package which shows the representative image of the product and which, inside, has black foam padding which keeps the contents safe. Contents consisting of the headphone case and a Type-C / Type-C cable for charging the latter. Stop, nothing particularly exceptional, but it’s what you would expect from the packaging of a pair of headphones in fact. Are available exclusively in black and we noticed that the case containing them is much larger than many other products of this kind. The dimensions are as follows:

  • Dimensions: 9,3 x 5,8 x 2,7 cm

  • Weight: 77 grams

Remarkable, no doubt about it, but this type of size is due exclusively to the presence of the bow, which It takes up most of the case space. It’s not exactly something comfortable to keep in your pocket, we have to admit. The headphones are all made of plastic material, with the exception of the small hinge that connects the headband to the body of the bud. And here we are at one of the focal points.

TOZO Openbuds review: convenience for athletes at a budget price!

Features | Recensione TOZO Openbuds

What usually scares you the most when purchasing a pair of headphones of this type is the adherence of the headband to the ear. TOZO decided to solve this problem by simply making the Openbuds adjustable. The headbands are connected to the earphones with a metal hinge which guarantees the adjustment of the angle between the headband and the earphone itself in seven different directions, so as to tilt the device as comfortably as possible, relative to the shape of your ear. And this makes them, despite their considerable size, very comfortable to wear.

Another of the distinctive features of the TOZO Openbuds is the air conduction design, which, practically, positions the speaker directly above your ear canal. And here the second problem we mentioned at the beginning is resolved, especially characteristic of runners, who with other in-ear alternatives often find themselves completely eclipsed by the outside world, making listening to music at high volume even dangerous. Furthermore, it is an additional convenience for all those who can’t stand in-ear headphones.

Both of these features are excellent for all athletes: the TOZO Openbuds don’t move an inch in any type of workout (we tried them both while running and in the weight room) and you will have no problem adjusting them to make them best fit your shape.

TOZO Openbuds review: convenience for athletes at a budget price!

Technical characteristics | TOZO Openbuds review

The TOZO Openbuds support Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity and are compatible with practically all devices on the market. They can also connect to two different devices at the same time and support AAC and SBC audio formats. Also available is the classic sensor that determines when you remove or wear the device and which, at the same time, blocks or resumes media playback. The touch controls on the outside of the device are very sensitive, so be careful that you could pause the music without wanting to.

The app is also available, downloadable on all iOS and Android devices, which allows you to play around with the headphone settings and adjust the audio equalization. Given the structure of Openbuds, active noise cancellation is obviously not present as a feature, but you can still calibrate some features to cover, for example, the wind or other types of sounds that could disturb the playback of music and media or, even worse , your calls.

TOZO Openbuds review: convenience for athletes at a budget price!

Audio, microphone and battery quality | TOZO Openbuds review

As for the audio side, we have nothing to complain about. However, we are faced with a mid-range product (which is now also available on Amazon at a discount thanks to Black Friday) and which, at full price, it costs €69.99. One of the problems that we have, unfortunately, encountered is that, precisely “due to” the shape of the headphones and the position of the speaker, those around you will be able to hear part of the audio that is reproduced in the headphones, especially if you are in rather calm and quiet.

We used the microphone for even rather long phone calls in various contexts, both indoors (such as in the car or, more simply, at home) and outdoors with wind and other particularly annoying environmental noises, but we encountered no major problems or defects in the incoming audio. The same goes for the incoming one: more than good quality if we consider, as already mentioned, the price of the product.

Finally, let’s move on to battery life. According to the company, the TOZO Openbuds would have a single charge duration of 12 hours, while the charging case should extend it up to 42 hours. We tested the headphones for this very purpose and we could play music continuously for almost 11 hours straight, which is a truly incredible duration. The case, however, allowed us to recharge the headphones three complete times in a row, plus a charging part that brought them back to around 50%. We are on a maximum of 40 hours, according to our tests, a duration that perfectly reflects what the company stated. Good job.

To conclude

To conclude this review of the TOZO Openbuds, we can safely say that, net of some compromises on audio quality, we are faced with a mid-range product of excellent caliber. Considering the price, it is a practically obligatory purchase for all athletes who are looking for a stable headphone in any condition, adjustable and easily removable and which allows you to maintain contact with the outside world, unlike the in-ear variants. Of course, you will have to deal with the possibility that other people are listening to the same playlist as you, but sharing is caring!

Let us know if you too have tried the TOZO Openbuds below in the comments and stay tuned with us at for all the news, guides and reviews on the world of technology. A 360°!

Points in favor

  • Extremely comfortable for all types of athletes
  • They don’t completely isolate you from the outside world
  • Good sound and microphone quality

Points against

  • Case rather full-bodied and not pocket-friendly
  • In quiet rooms everyone will hear the same music as you
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