TP-Link annuncia al CES 2023 le nuove soluzioni di rete WiFi 7 e i dispositivi intelligenti per la smart home thumbnail

TP-Link Announces New WiFi 7 Network Solutions and Smart Home Devices at CES 2023

TP-Link presented CES 2023 the new WiFi 7 network solutions and the innovations for the smart home, confirming that it is always at the forefront of the world of innovation.

At CES 2023 there is TP-Link Deco for Whole Home Mesh networks, even in 5G

Deco BE95 it is the fastest WiFi 7 quad-band mesh system capable of reaching combined speeds of 33 Gbps thanks to the support of the 6 GHz band and 4K-QAM modulation. It features a total of four WAN/LAN ports: two 10G and two 2.5G. Moreover Deco BE65-5G combines WiFi 7 technology with 5G; to use it, simply insert a 5G simcard to be connected at maximum speed. The tri-band radio section allows for performance of up to 11 Gbps while the 5G one reaches up to 3.4 Gbps.

For cable connections there are two 2.5G WAN/LAN ports and to complete the novelties of the Deco range we find the WiFi 7 tri-band models Deco BE65 e Deco BE85 for maximum connection speeds of 11 Gbps and 22 Gbps.

I router Archer WiFi 7 e i range extender

At CES 2023 TP-Link also presented the four new routers from gamma Archer with support for WiFi 7. Let’s see them together.

Archer BE900 features quad-band WiFi 7 technology for speeds up to 24 Gbps thanks to the presence of 12 integrated antenna. In addition, for high-quality fiber and copper connectivity, it is equipped with two 10G WAN/LAN ports, two of which are RJ45 and RJ45/SFP+ combos. The other rookie routers are Archer BE800, Archer BE805 e Archer BE550.

TP-Link has also thought about the online gaming marathons of the most unbridled gemers with the BE19000 tri-band WiFi 7 routerArcher GE800, which supports data transfer speeds of up to 18Gbps and delivers world-class performance. It is equipped with two 10G and two 2.5G WAN/LAN ports.

As for the range of range extender tri-band WiFi 7 compatible with EasyMesh technology, make their debut RE800BE, which allows you to reach speeds up to 19 Gbps with 10G data port and two gigabit ports, and RE550BE which offers performance up to 9214 Mbps in addition to mounting a 2.5G port and two ports gigabits.

At CES 2023 TP-Link also spoke about the new Omada and Aginet solutions

At CES in Las Vegas TP-Link presented the new Omada and Aginet solutions with WiFi 7 technology designed for the SMB and Enterprise world and for the ISP market.

Have an EAP780 It features tri-band technology and WiFi 7 for speeds up to 22Gbps and two 10G PoE++ ports. It is probably theaccess point ideale for the busiest network environments, as it offers stability, efficiency and blind-free coverage thanks to the new 6 GHz band, with a width of 320 MHz, and 4K-QAM modulation.

Omada EAP770 with triple band technology and WiFi 7, it offers up to 11 Gbps of speed, low latency and zero signal interference, making it perfect to use in any scenario.

For the market of Internet Service Providerthe solutions TP-Link Aginet WiFi 7 present the new XGS-PON router XGB830v with support for WiFi speeds up to 22Gbps, the BE22000 EB810v e il sistema mesh BE22000 HB810.

The new Tapo and Kasa models for the smart home

TP-Link Expands Smart Home Product Families It became e Fail with new models featuring the new Matter standard.

Among the new proposals we find Became H900, born to manage smart home devices based on WiFi, subG, Bluetooth, Matter, Thread and other protocols. Tapo H900 allows you to create smart scenarios for total home automation and view up to a maximum of 16 smart cameras. Versatile product, it can also be used as an electronic picture frame with alarm clock, calendar, annotation and entertainment functions.

Became C325WB is the new waterproof WiFi security camera for the outdoors, capable of capturing clearer images even in low light conditions. Next we find another video camera for the outdoors, but powered by a 10,000 mAh battery: let’s talk about Became C425 with 2K resolution, which can also work in combination with the A200 solar panel.

TP-Link also presented the new smart video intercom equipped with dual-facing camera, ie Became D660 which also offers surveillance functions. Next we find Tapo smart video door lock3-in-1 device that works as a door lock, intercom and outdoor security camera.

As far as other smart home products are concerned, smart electrical outlets have to be mentioned It became P125M e Land KP125Mwhich also offers real-time monitoring of energy consumption. Became S505D is an advanced dimmer to manage the lighting of any environment while Take P306 is the new WiFi extender compatible with the unified Matter standard for installation in any smart home.

The smart bulb is also compatible with Matter Became L535E multicolored.

Finally TP-Link presented the new sensors Became T300capable of detecting any water leaks, e Tapo T315 which monitors temperature and humidity.

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