App for sexting, from France comes Blyynd

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LAS VEGAS – From robots to talking cars, there’s it all at CES in Las Vegas. Also Blyyndand’app specialized in sexting: a digital meeting place for hot messages and photographs, arriving at CES directly from France. We had them explain how it works: here’s everything you need to know.

Blyynd, the first sexting app comes from France

Many of those who use dating apps like Tinder or social networks like Instagram have received unwanted spicy messages. The French team of Blyynd therefore came up with the idea of ​​creating an application dedicated solely to sexting. In order to give those interested the opportunity to send and receive sensual pictures and messages a virtual place to find like-minded people.

But Blyynd doesn’t give up on security. Not only does the team of this startup explain to us that conversations are private and encrypted, but there are also additional layers of security. For example, you cannot take screenshots, and to register you need a selfie that verifies your age. Also, you can check or not the possibility of receiving images, for avoid unwanted “dick-pick”..

Once you download the application, you can track your various interests to complete your profile. You also have some space to describe a little bit about who you are, though you do not need to provide any personal information that you do not wish to share.

This way, you will get to know something about the person you are with sexting on blyynd’s app. At the moment only four languages ​​are available (among which for now there is no Italian), in order to be able to share messages and experiences with others.

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Once you organize your profile, you will receive erotic messages and sexy pictures from several real people. The French team of Blyynd explains to us that in a few months you will also be able to connect some sex toys to be able to interact in an even more engaging way with these partners.

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This novelty allows those interested to find an app dedicated to sexting, where to exchange digital effusions in complete safety. The team explains that this process, which is more than an alternative to pornography, is deemed healthy by a team of sexologists.

You can try it by going to the official website.