TP-Link AXE200 Omni: the router with antennas that move on their own

TP-Link AXE200 Omni

How many times has it happened to us to witness sudden and inexplicable drops in our line WiFi? Precisely to cope with this problem was born TP-Link AXE200 Omni, a new router of the TP-Link line equipped with antennas capable of moving independently to obtain better internet coverage. Ideal for all those who need to be constantly connected to the network.

TP-Link AXE200 Omni is born: the smart router

Featuring a design that makes it look like a mix between a spaceship and a drone, TP-Link AXE200 Omni in practice it is a Tri-Band WiFi 6E router, perfectly capable of providing high quality performance thanks to full band support 6GHz (of course there are also 2.4 and 5 GHz configurations) with a transfer speed that can reach up to 11 Gbps.

As you may have already guessed, the main peculiarity of the router are the four antennas it is equipped with, capable of move independently, or manually through an application, to better capture the WiFi line. The one presented at the moment by the company is a simple prototype, so at the moment little is known about the advantages of such an operation, but we are sure that we will soon know more.

Either way, this unit seems ideal for maximize your internet experience, something that could be very convenient for all those who work connected to the network all day or even for gamers who love to play online, who in this way would no longer be subject to sudden downturns of the line.

However, TP-Link has also provided a version AXE300, devoid of rotating antennas, and which shares technical specifications and design with its cousin. The latter router should arrive in the second quarter of this year, while the “animated” version does not yet have a well-defined launch window, since it is probably a project still in an embryonic state.

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