Horizon Call of the Mountain annunciato per PSVR 2

Guerrilla Games and Firesprite Games have announced Horizon Call of the Mountain, the first title specifically developed for PSVR 2

We have recently reported the announcement relating to the technical specifications of PSVR 2, released by Sony during the CES 2022. The event, however, also reserved space for a tantalizing reveal software, which has as its protagonist Horizon Call of the Mountain, the first title specially developed for the new virtual reality headset. The title sees the work, in addition to Guerrilla Games (the fathers of the famous franchise) also the boys of Firesprite Games, one of the latest teams acquired by Sony, which already in the virtual field had given us the survival / sci-fi experience The Persistence.

Horizon Call of the Mountain: unveiled the first game for PSVR 2

At the moment, not many details have been released regarding the production, of which we only know that it will present one new and unique brand-based experience in question, which will be built to take full advantage of the new features of PSVR 2 and its new dedicated controllers. The players they will play a new character, even if in the course of the adventure there will be familiar faces, such as the protagonist Aloy, to which unpublished supporting actors will be added. Guerrilla confirmed that new details on the title will be provided very soon, although a specific date has not been indicated.

Precisely for these reasons we still do not know the Horizon Call of the Mountain launch window, given that in addition to this meager information and al teaser trailer you find above (which contains a message from the director of Guerrilla, Jan-Bart van Beek and a few seconds in-game), we really don’t know anything else.

Obviously we at TechGameWorld.com will not fail to monitor the situation, and we will promptly propose any update as soon as it is possible to do so.

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