Trade Republic: cryptocurrency trading also arrives in Italy

Trade Republic: il trading di criptovalute arriva anche in Italia thumbnail

Trade Republic, the largest savings platform in Europe, has launched cryptocurrency trading in Italy. Less than a month after the official entry into the Italian market, Trade Republic customers now have an additional option: starting immediately, they can invest in cryptocurrencies via the app 24/7. Cryptocurrency trading works the same way as other financial instruments: safe, simple, fast and commission-free, with spread checked and only € 1 per transaction to cover external costs. Trade Republic is one of the first European brokers to offer trading of stocks, ETFs and cryptocurrencies in a single platform, easy to use and with the security of a German banking license.

Cryptocurrencies are considered an important innovation in the world of finance. They operate on decentralized networks largely independent of national currencies or capital markets. As a result, in recent years have become an important diversification tool for investment portfolios. Trade Republic, which aims to make financial markets accessible to all, takes another step towards its vision of democratizing access to the financial world with the launch of cryptocurrency trading.

Initially, they will be commercially available Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, XRP, Stellar, EOS, Uniswap e Chainlink.

Trade Repulic: the company’s point of view

“Macroeconomic factors such as negative interest rates and inflation in the Eurozone require investors to adopt new investment strategies. Our goal is to offer clients diversified and long-term savings opportunities, ”he says Emanuele Agueci, Trade Republic Country Manager for Italy “Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular and today represent an estimated $ 2.5 trillion market. And Italy is no exception: 18% of Italians claim to own Bitcoin, one of the highest percentages in Europe “.

Trading cryptocurrencies on Trade Republic works in exactly the same way as trading other investment products: customers can find the desired cryptocurrency via the search function in the app and invest in just three clicks. Trade Republic clients are able to purchase a fraction of the cryptocurrency, using euros. A portfolio consisting of cryptocurrencies, stocks, ETFs and savings plans can be managed in one intuitive and simple app.

“Education and knowledge are our priorities,” he says Christian Hecker, co-founder of Trade Republic “Cryptocurrency trading is suitable for informed investors who are familiar with volatile markets. For this reason, in the app we educate users about the volatility and development of the market, and we offer further information material to better understand cryptocurrencies “.

With the inclusion of cryptocurrencies, Trade Republic is once again taking a pioneering role in the European financial market. In doing so, the company not only demonstrates its innovative strength, but also its ability to listen to its customers when it comes to investing in new asset classes.