Trading View, il sito web che ha conquistato i broker

Trading View, the website that has conquered brokers

One of the most interesting tools that the internet has made available to its users to facilitate the task of finance specialists is the Trading View platform.

The digital age has come into our lives to stay and currently occupies a very important part of the world’s daily business. From simple things like a small robot to the big machinery of powerful companies, electronics have taken over the world, even if a very important part of its success is due to the internet. Its infinite possibilities have made it possible to solve practically every aspect of our life through the network, which has a community of users never seen before. As expected, the business world has also joined the Internet revolution and the financial market has decided to put its operations on this platform to facilitate access.

Investors and brokers are increasingly turning to the possibilities of the online market to manage their operations and make their business profitable. The tools currently on the web have allowed even beginners to enter the financial sector with some confidence, which has managed to adapt its format so that almost anyone who has saved can get into stock market operations. Online brokers, specialist blogs, discussion forums or online guides have made it easier for those who know nothing about finance to achieve success with their trades and secure valuable earnings.

Trading View

One of the most interesting tools that the internet has made available to its users to facilitate the task of finance specialists is the Trading View platform. Created in the United States in 2011, this site specializes in displaying real-time graphs that inform about the evolution of the value of different companies and their financial assets: shares. Its format, more like that of a social network than that of an online broker, has attracted over 30 million users who are already part of the Trading View community. Almost 100% of traders say they have used this platform on a few occasions.

Their great success comes from their graphics, as they allow investors to analyze the most relevant data, make comparisons to evaluate the most profitable options, and establish buy and sell strategies to ensure that all, or at least most of your investments provide. the expected profits. However, its functions and possibilities are much more, as it allows you to trade through its collaboration with online brokers, create custom charts, be aware of the most interesting financial news, etc. In short, learning how to use TradingView is a very powerful weapon for finance.

Advantages and disadvantages of Trading View

Trading View is not the only platform or application that allows you to monitor financial information in real time, although it is certainly the best among the specialists in the sector and offers a wider range of possibilities. However, there are some things that can be improved. Below we talk about the best and the best of this site.


  • HTML5 graphical analysis – Any device with an Internet browser can access Trading View. You don’t need to install any software and graphics can be viewed anywhere.
  • free subscription – Everyone can access most of the available features.
  • General warning system– If you activate an alert, Trading View will send it to the other servers. It is not necessary to open Trading View to receive alert notifications.
  • Binance support – While you cannot access Binance from the Trading View site, you can use the Trading View in the Binance user interface. Cryptocurrencies can be bought and sold on Binance with ease, as well as creating charts on the fly.
  • Script – More experienced users will be able to create custom indicators, which are saved on Trading View servers. This feature is based on Pine Script, Trading View’s programming language which is very simple to use.
  • Asset Selection – There is a large amount of stocks, stocks, commodities and forex available for you to graphically analyze. We are not limited to just cryptocurrencies.
  • Backtesting – Once a strategy is developed, it is easy to backtest with it thanks to the built-in function.


  • Community problems – Although the concept of “Streams” and “Ideas” is interesting, the quality of what we find varies enormously. Many of the tips provided are highly speculative and not too useful for new users. The comment section also occasionally has fakes news.
  • Customer care – The Trading View community often reports issues with the platform’s customer support. Only paying customers can submit complaints, while users of the free version do not receive attention.
  • Integration of brokers – Trading View has incorporated some brokers and trading platforms, but the options are still quite limited.

Dati at Cboe BZX

On Trading View, US stock prices do not come directly from associated stock markets. NASDAQ shares, for example, get their price from the Cboe BZX exchange and can be different from the real price. Real-time information of an exchange is available in exchange for a paid payment.