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Transforming enterprise mobility with car sharing software

If you know what car sharing is, you also know how useful it can be in terms of timing and business organisation: what if we told you that there is software to help you?

Technological progress has significantly changed our lives, or rather, increased the carbon dioxide emissions of various businesses. Therefore, more and more revolutionary services and products capable of regulating the negative consequences for the climate and humanity have recently begun to appear. Car sharing is one of these services. By reducing the number of cars on the road it is possible to reduce large quantities of carbon dioxide. With the growing demand for car sharing services, it is necessary to control the process of using a car. This is how car sharing appeared.

Their advantages are the quick and easy ability to book a car, pay for it and use it for the required period of time. Furthermore, the car sharing owner will always be able to see where the cars in the fleet are located and when maintenance is required for each of them. With the advent of software, car sharing turns into a coherent and controlled system, where each participant in the process has its own advantages. In this article, you will learn more about the benefits of car sharing services for businesses, why businesses need to use car sharing software, and what awaits everyone in the future when sharing cars.

What is car sharing

Car sharing is short-term car rental considered a progressive service. Rental cars are scattered all over the city with the keys in the keys. The user just needs to download the application, determine the location of the car on the map and pay for the service. This is an excellent opportunity to get to the right place if you don’t have your own car. In addition, car sharing cars are often used in business and business trips.

The system has a positive impact on the environment for several reasons:

  • Fewer cars mean fewer emissions. This is the basic and main ideology of car sharing companies. Imagine if 20 people going to work today had their own cars. How much carbon dioxide would end up in nature together with exhaust gases? Now let’s imagine that 10 of them, not having their own car, went by bus, 5 used car sharing and another 5 bought a bicycle.
  • As the number of cars on the road decreases, so does the number of gas stations. Fuel heavily pollutes the environment. And the less it is used, the more likely it is to preserve ecosystems in their original form.
  • Thanks to the car sharing service, a person uses the car more rationally, selecting a model for specific needs. For example, for a regular trip in the city, a user can choose an electric car, thus reducing emissions. If he had his own car with a petrol engine, he would hardly change the car for another option.
  • In addition to the environmental benefits, car sharing is a profitable option for car use by company employees. The fleets of many well-known companies consist of cars rented through the car sharing system. This eliminates the need for company employees to pay for a taxi or save for their own car and, instead, they can take rental cars when they need a business trip or business trip. Depending on who provides the car sharing service and under what conditions, the following types of car sharing are distinguished:

    • Free-floating — using the car on a per-minute basis. The contract is concluded with the company providing the service.
    • Peer-to-peer — an agreement between two private individuals, in which the owner of a car passes it on for short-term use to another person.
    • Fractional — co-ownership of a car by a group of individuals or a corporation. Every person in the group has the same rights.

    The importance of corporate mobility

    Corporate mobility through car sharing brings enormous benefits to companies around the world. This is a strategy that allows a company’s employees to have full access to any car at any time. At the same time, companies do not need to purchase and maintain a fleet of vehicles. The company provides employees with car access only when they really need it for a business trip or meeting. And this process is regulated by special software for car sharing. With its help, employees can always book the car they need for the dates of their business trip.

    Corporate mobility also has environmental benefits by reducing its environmental impact. And it’s not just about reducing the number of cars on the road. Corporate car sharing can only use electric vehicles or hybrid cars. Reducing your environmental impact is an important step towards developing sustainable business operations. Companies that use corporate car sharing services demonstrate their willingness to use new technologies. To some extent, this can attract new talent, strengthening trust in the company.

    Traditional uses of car sharing, such as maintaining a large number of vehicles by a company, are an expensive and inefficient option. In this case, the company must not only purchase several cars for use, but also constantly check their functionality and take them for maintenance, refuel, wash and dry clean them. For business use, this is all handled by the company providing the cars for short-term rental. Therefore, enterprise mobility allows a company to save money, relieve itself of some tasks and reduce its negative impact on the environment.

    Benefits of corporate car sharing software

    To competently manage corporate car sharing and optimize work, the. It combines many functions, without which it would be impossible to monitor the use and condition of the car. Let’s see the advantages of company software for car sharing:

    • First and foremost, it is the company’s ability to effectively manage the needs of its employees. This means that thanks to the program you can see which car is needed and who needs it, for how long, as well as additional features, such as a GPS navigator or a roomy trunk.
    • The program makes it convenient to book a car and select the desired date. Additionally, the system shows whether a car is available on a particular day. With such a service it becomes much easier to order a car with the necessary features for a planned trip.
    • Using the software you can set up individual access for each employee. For example, an administrator can change the features or number of available cars, but company employees can only reserve one car. This feature helps prevent unauthorized use of the program and ensures process security.
    • Integration with GPS allows you to track employee movements to avoid using the car for personal needs. The GPS system shows the entire route of the car for the duration of the reservation.
    • Using company software, you can get a detailed report on the efficiency of transport use. This gives the business owner a complete understanding of the results and effectiveness of implementing mobility into their business.
    • Business software can be integrated with other programs, such as a business database. Thanks to this function, the company employee does not have to enter their data again; the system loads them from the company card.

    You can evaluate the effectiveness and benefits of car sharing software in practice. Among the real examples of companies that have managed to increase operational efficiency through corporate car sharing software, we can highlight the practice of the American company Zipcar. The company provides self-service car sharing services. Founded in 2000, in 2010 the company’s fleet already included 8 thousand cars. Among other things, Zipcar provides a business application with which companies can reduce the costs of maintaining and maintaining their rental.

    Key considerations for implementing enterprise car sharing software

    The success of using the service depends on the car sharing software your company chooses. Before giving preference to the first program you find on the Internet, pay attention to the set of functions. The car sharing software must have booking, payment, vehicle tracking and reporting functions. Find out what data encryption methods the company uses, because the degree of protection of the personal data of employees and the company as a whole depends on this. The same applies to secure online payment.

    When choosing a car sharing software, you should also make sure that the program provider has a good reputation and the availability of professional technical support that will work around the clock and can solve any problems that arise during the work. Estimate the cost of the program. It must fit within your company’s budget and fit your business model.

    An equally important feature will be the ability to integrate the system into an existing program that your company uses for work and communication. Integration can be a complex process. But with the right approach it will be easier and safer.

  • Once you have selected several software options, analyze and identify the features that will be most important to your business. Determine the budget and timeframe for the integration.
  • When choosing the final version of the car sharing program, make sure it supports integration with your system. Ask the program developer for an API key that will be used for the implementation process.
  • Before fully integrating the system into your company’s existing software, try the demo version. Testing can help you identify and fix potential problems before you connect any data to the program.
  • When you fully implement the software, do it step by step, connecting individual modules or business departments. A gradual transition will reduce the risks of failure of the entire system.
  • After integration, employee training is required. The faster you do this, the faster your system will benefit. Staff training can be done in the form of training videos, holding a conference, or introducing everyone to the new program individually.
  • As soon as the system is integrated and employees begin to fully utilize the program, start monitoring the performance of the software. This will help prevent global errors when…