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Traveling with Suzuki Vitara Hybrid to support Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023

Suzuki will follow the most important singing event in Europe, l’Eurovision Song Contest 2023, scheduled in Liverpool from 9 to 13 May next. To tell the singing festival to the Italian public, the two conductors Gabriele Corsi and Mara Maionchi they will reach England aboard one Suzuki Vitara Hybrid. They will start from Turin, the city that hosted the previous edition. The Hamamatsu SUV will accompany Corsi and Maionchi to the Liverpool Arena, the theater of performances. As well as discovering the cult places of the city, the first stage of the legendary Beatles, such as Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields and the Cavern Club.

Suzuki Vitara Hybrid, the mobile studio for Eurovision 2023

The arrival at the Arena will be told in three previews which will be broadcast on 9 and 11 May on Rai2 and on 13 May on Rai1 before the event is broadcast. Vitara Hybrid will become one “studio” mobile in which you will breathe the music of Eurovision and Eurovillage. The latter is an area where fans of the competing artists from all over Europe will gather to cheer on their favorites.

Suzuki: a distinctive approach to mobility

Chosen by Italian music and always at the forefront of the main national singing events such as Sanremo since 2013 and all editions of Arena Suzuki, the Hamamatsu house feels a great affinity with the world of song. Suzuki’s DNA includes improving the lives of its customers and potential customers. Being present in popular national musical contexts is a way for Suzuki to “offer” music to us Italians, one of our deepest passions.

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The authors and performers who enliven the music business let themselves be guided by inspiration and experiment day after day with new forms of artistic expression,. It’s something similar to what they do in their job Suzuki designers and engineers. They design cars, motorcycles and marine engines without pre-established constraints and giving free rein to the imagination, making Suzuki a brand that stands out from other manufacturers on the automotive scene for a unique and distinctive style.

Suzuki Vitara Hybrid logoSuzuki Vitara Hybrid logo

Suzuki Vitara Hybrid, a star’s life

After 35 years, Vitara represents a clear example of this approach. In 1988, upon his arrival in Italy, the first generation was pioneer of the compact SUV segment, first off-road hard and pure with automotive-type suspensions I also take off-roads to city centres. The subsequent series have confirmed themselves as the constant point of reference for the category, a role that the current model also plays, strong in an iconic style, equipment with “everything as standard without surprises”, low emissions and fuel consumption, incomparable agility, high comfort on road and great off-road performance thanks to the iconic 4×4 traction.

Today the Vitara Hybrid maintains the indomitable spirit and practicality of its ancestors, combining them with technological content, efficiency and respect for the environment that define an SUV that knows how to dictate trends.

Suzuki, tradition and innovation since 1909

Suzuki Motor Corporation is a manufacturer of automobiles, motorcycles and outboard engines. It was born in 1909 from an entrepreneurial idea of Michio Suzuki, which, in the town of Hamamatsu, in Japan, builds a factory for the production of textile looms.

In 1920 the Suzuki Loom Works became Suzuki Loom Manufacturing Co, and in 1952 the first motorized bicycle, the Power Free, was introduced. In 1954 Suzuki became Suzuki Motor Corporation Ltd and in 1955 was born Suzulightthe first automobile, followed in 1965 by the first outboard engine, the D55.

In 1970 Jimny LJ10 debuts, the first 4×4 and in the same year the mini MPV Carry L40V, 100% electric. From then on, the industrial activity in the different sectors has continued its unceasing path of growth by focusing on technology, reliability, design and innovation.

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