Tronsmart Bang SE review: the life of the party

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In this review we will analyze the Tronsmart Bang SE Bluetooth speaker, equipped with lighting and other goodies

Summer is getting closer and closer and with it comes (obviously) beach parties. Whether it’s on the beach, in the countryside or, why not, in the hills, in a self-respecting little party there must never be a lack of background music to animate and then revive the guests. Often you find yourself without the possibility of moving your audiophile Hi-Fi system and here our beloved Bluetooth speakers come into play.

This time, the protagonist of the review is Tronsmart with his Bang SE: the younger brother of the “Bang” family that promises greater portability, 24 hours of use and party lighting. Let’s find out together!

Tronsmart Bang SE review: the life of the party

Build and aesthetic quality – Tronsmart Bang SE review

Before analyzing the technical side, let’s talk about the shell. Tronsmart Bang SE is mainly made of plastic. Its shape is cylindrical and its rounded shapes. Characteristic is the handle on the upper side with the company logo which, being in plastic too, it doesn’t give the impression of being very solid. Under the handle we have i seven rubberized buttons which will allow us to manage the different settings. The cover on the back that hides the entrances is also made of rubber. Among these we have: a USB port, a USB-C, a 3.5mm Jack input and an SD reader (in addition to the reset button). This rubberized section guarantees us water resistance. The cashier is Indeed IPX6 certified. On both sides we find the diaphragms with the company logo, surrounded by LEDs for lighting. The front grille, made of aluminum, conceals the two drivers that reproduce the audio, also equipped with lighting.

As accessories, in the box we find: a 3.5mm Jack to Jack cable, a USB-A to USB-C cable for recharging, a fabric shoulder strap and the instruction leaflet. In general, the case gave us the idea of ​​not being exactly robust because of the plastic it is made of. Despite this, the weight cannot even be classified as “feather” since we are talking about 2.16kg. Tronsmart Bang SE measures 30cm in length, approximately 11cm in thickness and is 17cm in height.

Tronsmart Bang SE review: the life of the party

Technical specifications

  • Versione Bluetooth: 5.3
  • Codec audio: SBC
  • Compatibilità Bluetooth: A2DP/AVRCP/HFP/HSP
  • Autonomy: 24 hours (volume 50% and led off), 5 hours (volume 100% and led off)
  • Battery Capacity: 8000mAh
  • Output Wattage: 40W
  • IP Rating: IPX6
  • Charging time: about 5 hours

Tronsmart Bang SE review: the life of the party

Field use – Tronsmart Bang SE review

In addition to the classic Bluetooth mode, we can connect Tronsmart Bang SE to our devices via 3.5mm Jack, USB-A or by inserting a Micro-SD. Now let’s move on to the part that surprised us the most about the device: the sound quality. As we have anticipated, the speaker is equipped with two drivers placed on the front and two diaphragms that manage the bass on the two sides. The output power is a whopping 40W which is not bad at all. What we liked the mosthowever, is not the maximum volume, but sound cleaning which, comparing it to that of other similar devices, is clearly better. This because Tronsmart Bang SE implements the proprietary technology “SoundPulse Technology”, which exponentially improves the sound. First, distortions are minimized even at maximum volume. What we have noticed in other speakers is the poor handling of bass and treble together. The Bang SE, thanks to this technology, manages to manage everything optimally. SoundPulse Technology also enhances bass and broadens the range of sound, creating fuller, more amplified sound. Among the commands it will be possible to disable this technology to understand its impact. We assure you, however, that once activated you will not do without it.

Regarding autonomy, we confirm what the company said. If not for 5 hours, we used the speaker at maximum volume for slightly less: a result that has left us satisfied. We remind you that the speaker can also be used as a power bank to power your devices if you need it.

Speaking of lighting, we have three effects that can be selected via a special button. The first effect has intermittent rainbow coloring, the second works in “breath” mode, and the third always has “breath” mode, but the left and right LEDs have different colors. A peculiarity lies in the fact that, at high volume, the LEDs will produce an intermittent effect in conjunction with the bass, going in time with the music. Generally speaking, the lighting is a nice addition, but it does sacrifice quite a bit of runtime. For this reason, in our use, we used the speaker mainly off.

Bluetooth connectivity is really good. Once the first connection with the smartphone was made, the following times it always happened lightning fast. The Bang SE also includes a microphone through which calls can be made. The quality of the latter is good enough.

Tronsmart Bang SE review: the life of the party

Let’s sum up

This Tronsmart Bang SE review ends here. The younger of the “Bang” brothers pleasantly surprised us, certainly not for the materials used, but for the cleanliness of the output audio. Offered at a price of around €69.99, the loudspeaker is often subject to discounts (as at the time we are reviewing it) that bring it below €60. At this price you will certainly take home a complete Bluetooth speaker that makes sound its priority but certainly does not put aesthetics aside!

Plus points

  • Sound quality
  • Pleasant lighting effects
  • Autonomy more than satisfactory
  • Solid and precise connectivity

Points against

  • Fairly “cheap” materials