Tropico 6: the new Festival DLC is available

Tropico 6: il nuovo DLC Festival è disponibile thumbnail

Kalypso Media and Realmforge Studios announce the debut of the Tropico 6’s new “Festival” DLC. The new add-on content is already available for all versions PC of the game (Windows, Linux and Mac via Steam OS) and will arrive very soon on Playstation 4 come on Xbox One. The DLC introduces a large number of new features, enriching the gaming experience with various extra content.

Tropico 6: the new Festival DLC is available

The new DLC, the release of which has just started, brings lots of news for Tropico 6. With Festival, in fact, it will be possible to take care of the largest parties the archipelago has ever seen, working closely with El Presidente. The DLC is available for all PC versions of the game and will be available from next September 1st also on Playstation 4 and Xbox One. The new DLC is already available for purchase at all major digital stores. On Steam, the price of 14.99 euros is discounted by 10% at the launch.

New content for the title

Tropico 6’s new DLC introduces the new Festival game mechanics. Players will be able to host more than 20 types of festivals, each based on different eras. Also note the new scenario-based campaign with the ability to tackle The Boredom, an ancient evil that threatens to engulf Tropico. Available to players there will be 8 new buildings and various other content such as 4 new songs and 3 new edicts. Also noteworthy are 2 new customization options.

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