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Trust celebrates Pride Month with many gaming and genderless products

On the occasion of the Pride Month 2022the brand specialized in the sector of digital accessories and gaming, Truststresses how important it is to support the cause of inclusiveness. Let’s find out all the gaming and genderless devices together to celebrate the month of June.

Trust celebrates Pride Month

Video games are also increasingly popular with quote rosawith a gender equality to the ever-increasing console. This was revealed some time ago by the analysis of IPSOS Mori “Women Played. Women Paid. Women Made “, but also the report” Videogames in Italy in 2020 “published by IIDEA, which confirms that out of a total of 17 million players the percentage of women reached is of 47%equal to about 8 million fans.

Speaking of Europe, even here about half of the gamers are women and international studies emphasize that often the masculinity in games manifests itself in the most negative meanings. For example, The double-edged sword of online gaming, a survey by the Geena Davis Institute, provides several pointers to creators: do not sexualize female characters; give them the same skills as the male ones e foster collaboration between the sexes.

An opportunity to scream: “we exist”

Pride is an opportunity that, in addition to filling the streets with colors and sounds, allows you to shout to the world that this community exists. Fortunately, in 2022 the sexualization of heroines in video games is outdated. Now the representation of LGBTQIA + characters is changing over time: let’s think, for example, of The Last of Us 2 which has a lesbian protagonist or Tell Me Why, particularly appreciated for its portrayal of Tyler, transgender protagonist.

To celebrate Pride Month, Trust offers a wide variety of products; starting from gaming up to home and office. Let’s find out all the products together:

  • GXT 922W YBAR mouse gaming with 7200 DPI resolution and integral RGB LED lighting.
  • GXT 411P RADIUS cuffie gaming multipiattaforma with comfortable over-ear pads and adjustable microphone.
  • GXT 834 CALLAZ compact TKL gaming keyboardwith mechanical switches and rainbow wave lighting.
  • GXT 716 RIZZA gaming chair with RGB LED lighting designed to guarantee hours of play in full comfort.
  • GXT 960 GRAPHIN lightweight RGB illuminated gaming mouse with honeycomb shell.
  • GXT 144 REXX mouse gaming vertical with ergonomic design, to reduce arm and wrist strain.

For more information you can consult the official site.

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