Franco Battiato: the film on the concert tribute to the Verona Arena arrives

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The extraordinary concert dedicated to the late Franco Battiato at the Verona Arena relives thanks to a special film: let’s find out everything about it

On 21 September 2021 a special concert dedicated to Franco Battiato, who passed away on 18 May 2021, was held in the splendid location of the Verona Arena. Now, that unforgettable concert also becomes a film thanks to the direction of Pepsy Romanoff and to the production of International Music & Arts and Except: let’s find out all the information about this special event.

Invitation to travel – Concert for Franco Battiato: all the information on the film

The concert in honor of the Sicilian singer-songwriter relives in Invitation to travel – Concert for Franco Battiato. A film that will be released in cinemas on 20, 21 and 22 June by Adler Entertainment and that will retrace that great evening where the greatest artists of Italian music paid homage to Franco Battiato by interpreting the greatest songs of his career.

Behind the project there is a great name in Italian musical scenography such as Pepsy Romanoff, founder with Maurizio Vassallo of the production house Except and promoter of over 300 video productions focused on the world of music, from live shows to video clips. His new work therefore concerns the narration of one of the most beloved concerts of 2021, which will therefore be released as an exception for three days at the cinema.

The protagonists of the concert for Franco Battiato

Invitation to travel will therefore retrace the entire evening dedicated to Franco Battiato, which saw the participation of many guests. A slew of artists took to the stage, from Alice, who owes practically her entire career to the artist from Catania, to the compatriot Carmen Consoli, passing through giants of Italian music such as Jovanotti and Gianni Morandi. On stage to enrich the evening there was also an orchestra of the highest level, formed by the Philharmonic of the Opera Italia Bruno Bartoletti, with the direction of Carlo Guaitoli and the accompaniment of the musicians who followed the last tour of Battiato or Angelo. Privitera, Osvaldo Di Dio, Antonello D’Urso, Andrea Torresani and Giordano Colombo.

Two of the great protagonists of the evening, closely linked to Battiato as Luca Madonia and Giovanni Caccamo, they told the emotions of the evening, witnessing the magic and the vibrant atmosphere that was breathed that evening. Battiato’s music resounded one more night at the Verona Arena and is ready to do it again for a three-day event with the film Invitation to travel – Concert for Franco Battiato. While waiting to see the film in the cinema, at the end of the article it is possible to view the trailer.

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