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Trust: here are the green initiatives on the occasion of Earth Day

Trustleader in the lifestyle tech and gaming sector, is facing the challenge for an increasingly green future by introducing 360-degree initiatives designed to increasingly develop sustainability of its products and its business and makes it known once more on the occasion of “Earth Day”. In fact, in the last few weeks, joining the “One Green Label Digital”: the coalition to demand mandatory environmental impact label for product cycle sustainability from electronics leaders.

“At Trust we are heavily reducing waste and plastics used in our products and packaging by making greater use of materials from renewable resources. The goal is to improve recyclability and optimize production processes to reduce the CO2 footprint “- says Allard Boer, CFO of Trust – “A mission that started with the Clevergreen initiative which aims to reduce the environmental impact of its products, packaging and their processing.”

Trust on the occasion of Earth Day talks about its green initiatives

The Clevergreen project marks the beginning of the sustainability process company, focusing on four macro-themes: eliminate, reduce and recycle, certifying all processes for maximum transparency, for a system of recognition of the degree of eco-sustainability of each product.
Trust has already achieved important results by implementing some smart changes: the replacement of paper manuals with online guides for most products, the reduction of the size of the packages and the removal of the plastic inside them and where not possible, the replacement with recycled plastic.

“By implementing these precautions in the packaging of some gaming products in the GXT e
home office, we have already seen a reduction of up to 30% of the plastic used ” – conclude

Trust further made its commitment tangible by presenting its last March first gaming product made from recycled plastic: the GXT 391 Thian gaming headset. Made from 85% recycled plastic, the new headset is lightweight and comfortable. Even the packaging is sustainable because it is completely made of recycled wood fibers, without plastics and with optimized dimensions to be able to move more goods for a single journey.

“Business as usual is no longer an option. We need to pay more and more attention to the planet and to the people involved in our ecosystem. It is our responsibility and ambition to design sustainable products, manage operations and offer consumers smart, accessible and sustainable choices “, says Boer. “This goal cannot be achieved overnight. It is an ongoing effort and we are engaging and collaborating with our partners and suppliers to make these smart changes in our manufacturing, operations and product range. ”

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