Trust: how to compose the perfect gaming station

Trust offers in this article its top of the range products to compose the definitive gaming station suitable for every use

Like every September there is an air of recovery. Restart the school, lessons university students, you return to work. What better time then for renew one’s setup da gaming? For this comes Trust, a leading company in the sector of accessories for the lifestyle digital. The company in this article proposes a series of accessories to compose your own workstation gives game versatile: from the great classics to an interesting audio novelty.

Trust Soundbar RGB LED GXT 619 Thorne

Lighting RGB is the key word. But not only that, it is in fact a practical product designed for gaming experiences immersive and without giving up versatility e comfort. The speakers are stereo 2.0 with peak power of 12 W with a space-saving design.

Trust: how to compose the perfect gaming station

On board an illuminated knob to comfortably manage the volume and the ability to directly connect the headphones (by cable OF) and thePower supply (via USB), by the way compatible with TV. Trust’s soundbar is priced at 39,99 euro.

RGB cooling base for GXT 1126 Aura Laptop

Laptops under strain, you know, warm so much. To keep temperatures at bay, the illuminated cooling system. It has a fan from 200 mm with speed adjustable according to the need.

Trust: how to compose the perfect gaming station

You can choose four different ones stages of inclination which allow for splendid ergonomics. The whole is also embellished with RGB lighting adjustable in five color modes (neon, rainbow, breathing effect, fixed, flicker, off). Finally, suitable for laptops up to 17,3″. Buying this cooling base will only cost you 49,99 euro.

Scrivania da gaming XL GXT 1175 Imperius

Impressive dimensions (140 x 66 cm) and guarantee of maximum freedom of movement during the game even with the presence of two monitors. Valid ally to manage i controls during the game, horizontal surface of high quality covered entirely by a large mouse pad.

Trust: how to compose the perfect gaming station

Imperius also has a cable management system, to keep them always in order and avoid annoying distractions during the game. On board the desk also a very comfortable support for headphones and a door glass. The price at which you can take this desk home is 239,99 euro.

What do you think of these three proposals for Trust? Please let us know with a comment below and keep reading allotek to stay updated on the latest news and more.

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