IKEA: in arrivo ad ottobre un nuovo assortimento dedicato al gaming thumbnail

IKEA: a new assortment dedicated to gaming is coming in October

The new assortment of desks, chairs and gaming accessories developed by IKEA in collaboration with Republic of Gamers (ROG) will be on sale in all IKEA stores starting from October 2021. Gaming enthusiasts can easily create a customized station that, in addition to integrating with the home decor, will help them improve their gaming performance.

Ikea: the new assortment of furniture dedicated to gaming arrives

In the world there are approx 2.5 billion gamers and the market is constantly growing. That’s why IKEA, inspired by the vision of creating a better everyday life for the majority of people, decided to design a specific offer for these enthusiasts.

IKEA has always developed intelligent furnishing solutions, but gaming is an area still being explored. To meet the needs of these customers, IKEA has signed a partnership with a true expert in the sector: Republic of Gamers (ROG). ROG, a brand of the ASUS family, is a leader in the gaming market with its innovative and high-quality hardware solutions.

IKEA gaming

ROG knows the gaming world well and wants to find new ways to integrate it into home environments. By leveraging the strengths of the two companies, the collaboration aims to democratize the gaming experience by giving life to relevant, functional, good design and affordable products and solutions, thanks to which every gamer can easily create their own ideal station.

The new gaming assortment is aimed at PC gamers and includes 6 product lines: PLAYBACK, LOAN PLAYER, MATCH GAME, GROUP GAME, OUTDOOR PLAYER and MAIN PLAYER.

The other series were developed by IKEA on the basis of the data acquired as part of the partnership and with the aim of creating a wide and diversified offer, able to meet the needs of gamers in terms of function, design and price.

The new assortment for gaming will be available from October and in total includes more than 30 products, including furniture and accessories: gaming desks and chairs, a chest of drawers, a cup holder, a wire tensioner for a mouse, a neck pillow, a ring lamp and much more.

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