TSMC: Announces N4P Process for 2023

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TSMC announces the N4P process as an alternative to the N3 value for 2023, let’s find out together in this article

TSMC, chip maker to contract announced a new production process which was nicknamed N4P. Despite the name, like N4this is one optimized version of process technology N5.

TSMC descrive N4P as a “performance-focused improvement of the 5-nanometer technology platformAnd says it can deliver improvements across the board, in terms of performance, efficiency and density.

Reflecting on the denomination / family for starters, there have been five 5-nanometer processes introduced by TSMC so far. It started with N5, which branched out with branches a N5P e N5HPC. Then there was N4, which has been enhanced to provide the new N4P.

TSMC: Announces N4P Process for 2023

Up to 11% more performance than the N5 process

Speaking of performance comparisons and so on, TSMC says the new N4P can deliver “up to 11% more performance than the N5 process“, But compared to N4, it is only an increase of 6%.

Other comparisons have only given the new process compared to the N5, the N4P is the 22% more efficient from the point of view energetic with a magnification of 6% of the density of the transistors.

One quality behind N4P that could make it more popular or successful is that it also offers one less complexitywith a reduction in the time of wafer cycle, as it requires fewer masks. Of course, machine time is money, so this is a worthwhile improvement.

Supported by the design ecosystem

Finally, N4P is said to be well supported by the complete design ecosystem by TSMC for IP al silicio e Electronic Design Automation (AND FROM). Existing customers can easily migrate from other platforms to 5 nanometersfor faster, more energy-efficient product upgrades with minimal effort.

Expect the former tape-out of TSMC N4P in the second half of next yearwith the product launch around the same time that N3 (which offers full node scaling compared to N5) will debut in 2023with N4P representing value but still a very modern solution.

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