TSMC: Over $ 100 billion in chip manufacturing investment in three years

TSMC: Over $ 100 billion in chip manufacturing investment in three years

Over $ 100 billion of capital allocated by TSMC to the production of chips in three years amounts to over $ 100 billion. This figure is certainly a record

TSMC has decided to renew and expand its own chip manufacturing capacity. To do so, however, he certainly did not set aside two coins. In fact the figure destined for this renewal amounts to $ 100 billion over three years. A news that certainly leaves you stunned considering the pandemic period that the world is going through. L’sanitary emergency on the one hand it caused delays in factories, but it also did soaring the demand for electronic devices.

TSMC’s projects

However, the Taiwanese company had already made it known that in the year 2021 alone it would have invested the beauty of 28 billion, but this figure ended up being even exceeded considering the latest developments in the sector. According to information released by Bloomberg, it is said that TSMC is operating over 100% of their capabilities for over a year. Despite this, the demand does not stop being higher than the supply.

TSMC: Over $ 100 billion in chip manufacturing investment in three years

A few days ago, insistent voices said that TSMC it would have increased their price list to meet the demand. Other voices, however, made it known that the production process a 4 nm would come in advance compared to the scheduled times. Also there Apple, according to other rumors, it would have won another record, which he will use to make chips Apple Silicon for its new latest generation Macs.

However, it should be noted that the two main competitors of TSMC their capital is also increased, albeit to a lesser extent. Intel, in fact it seems to have invested about 20 billion, with the aim of setting up two new foundries in Arizona. 115 billion of investments instead for Samsung which, however, will be spread in ten years.

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