Paid VPN: which one to choose

Paid VPN: which one to choose

VPNs are important services for our safe internet browsing. Are you looking for the right VPN for you? Keep reading

First of all we would like to specify what is a VPN, it is a way of using the network, taking advantage of external sites and applications. Through these it is possible to remain anonymous on some platforms, preventing others from seeing what you do on the internet or accessing sites that do not allow access from Italy.

It might seem like something complex to set up, in reality it is much less difficult than you think and it could be of considerable help to you.

Which paid VPN to choose?

There are tons of VPN services on the market, so when you’re spoiled for choice, you’ll find yourself wondering: How do I know which provider is best for me?

It all depends on your request and the problems that drive you to search for a VPN. IS

one of the most practical solutions to a question of secrecy, security and even anonymity at times.

It takes very little to start using a VPN, you just need to register and pay, the challenge will actually be to find the company that suits your needs.

All Virtual Private Networks offer the same main function, but providers differ from each other in some specificities which we will deal with later.

In the meantime, here are the benefits of using a VPN:

  • They hide the activities that take place on the Internet
  • They keep them safe from prying eyes (surveillance bodies, cybercriminals listening on the network, and so on).
  • They use the encrypted connection: a relationship between our computer (in a practical sense, so it can also be a smartphone or a tablet) and the server we are using. The server in this case will be your VPN, the data traveling between the computer and the server will remain secret and protected according to the VPN protocol used.
  • Impossibility of geo-localization: the VPN through the loading of their server is as if they create a “tunnel” whose beginning is never totally clear. When you visit a site, the latter will be able to geolocate the accesses of users except for those who use a VPN, since it will be the access of the Virtual Private Network and not of the physical person.
  • Use in a corporate environment: when employees are offered the opportunity to work at home, they are sometimes granted access to a VPN, to enter a secure and secret network in which documents and files are shared without them being tracked by who does not have access credentials.

What aspects to evaluate

However, you should consider all aspects of a VPN

  • Quantity of servers owned by the company: the more there are around the world, the more you will be allowed to move between national networks.
  • Compatibility with the platform: the services are not always compatible with the operating systems you have at home, it is important to check if the use is allowed for Windows, Mace
  • Smart DNS: this is an ability of some VPNs, which allow the service even on those devices that do not support the use of VPNs, such as Smart TV, Apple TV or video game consoles. This allows you to have a secure connection on all devices.
  • The data plan offered: VPNs offer an amount of MB per month at a certain price, checking and evaluating the quantity / amount ratio will allow you to choose the best and suitable type for you. Others offer unlimited service at a higher price, of course.
  • Speed ​​and connection: it is also important to evaluate the connection and the speed offered by the service, checking before buying a package is always a good choice

VPNs are important services for our safe browsing on the internet, carefully evaluating will allow you to discover and enter the world of the network with ease and simplicity.