TSMC punta ai chip ai 2 nm, ecco quando arriveranno thumbnail

TSMC will make 3nm and 2nm chips, here is the timing

TSMC aims for 2nm chips, that's when they arrive thumbnail

TSMC sign logo on headquarters in Silicon Valley of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company – San Jose, California, USA – 2021

TSMCa reference company for the production of chips, aims to make 2nm chips. The company has confirmed that the new production process will start by 2025. Most likely, one of TSMC’s main customers will be Apple, which already relies on TSMC to make its iPhone chips.

TSMC punta sui chip a 2 nm

Il transition to the production process at 2 nm should guarantee a Significant improvement in the performance of chips produced by TSMC. The company aims to pull off the competition, mainly represented by Samsung and Intel. This is a long-term project but one that will be of enormous importance for the tech sector.

Prima i 3 nm

TSMC aims to reach i 3 nm, before moving on to 2 nm. This is a real intermediate step before the next leap forward. The company has well in the pipeline 5 different versions of the 3 nm production process that will be more and more optimized and will arrive between 2023 and 2025. The first TSMC-signed chips that will use the 3nm manufacturing process will be available from the first half of 2023.

Note that Samsung should lead TSMC in the race to 3nm. The Korean company, in fact, plans to make the first chips with this production process already in the second half of 2022. More details will arrive in the coming weeks.

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