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ZTE publishes the 2021 Sustainability Report

ZTE publishes today the 2021 Sustainability Report, as it has done since 2009 every year. The company not only complied with what was announced in terms of ecology. But also of operational governancemanagement of complianceinvestment in young talentsenhancement ofinnovation, openness, transparency.

ZTE publishes the 2021 Sustainability Report

He summarizes it well Xu Ziyang, Presidente di ZTE Corporation. “The digital and intelligent transformation has endowed our society with an“ immunity ”to uncertainty, guaranteeing economic growth and sustainable development. As a leading player and dedicated collaborator in the ICT industry for the past 37 years, ZTE continues to innovate and advance and is always willing to embrace change. In this way, the company continuously expands their capabilities and their business in terms of digital and intelligent technologies “.

The report defines ZTE as the “engine of the digital economy”, underlining its central role in promoting innovation. For years, over 10% of turnover has gone into research and development. At the end of last year, the company filed more than 84,000 patent applications globally, with over 42,000 patents granted, including 1,990 for chipsets.

Also from the point of view of the workforce, ZTE continued its sustainable growth. And it offered on college campuses over 6,000 locations in areas such as R&D, marketing, operational support and supply chain to excellent graduates around the world.

And it has updated the Supplier CSR Agreement and the Supplier CSR Code of Conduct to ensure the responsible and sustainable development of its partners. Taking care of the sustainability throughout the supply chain.

From an environmental standpoint, it has explored applications Innovative and green 5G with over 60 projects. It achieved annual savings of 21.56 million kWh, reducing packaging by 689.1 tons. ZTE also created 140 recycling sites, with a rate of roverall money laundering of 97%.

Finally, the social commitment with 13.17 million CNY and organized 220 activities of public utility. And with ZTE Volunteer, he created 15 volunteer branches with orl over 5,600 volunteers around the world.

You can find the entire report with the details of the initiatives at this address.

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