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TUC Technology presents TUC 3.0, the electric platform for the vehicles of the future

The Turin company Tuc Technology returns to amaze and presents the industrialized version TUC 3.0. There is a revolution underway where time is that luxury that the customer must make the best use of. So thanks to the pug&play connections applied to the vehicles, these are at the user’s service.

Let’s not only forget the interiors that we inhabit every day to move around. Because TUC transforms means of transport into living spaces with its platform. From a vision to reality, so the two founders of TUC Technology Ludovico Campana e Sergio Pininfarina unveil the industrialized version TUC 3.0.

TUC Technology, TUC press officeTUC Technology, source from the TUC press office

TUC Technology, this is what the vehicles of the future will look like

The platform TUC Technology does not only address the cars of the future. But she was born to be versatile and tested to land on trains, planes and other vehicles. In particular, TUC with its patent aims to create a passenger compartment that offers multiple solutions to the cars of tomorrow. Above all, TUC places man and his needs at the center of its many studies.

So starting from the TUC Technology platform we can customize the interior of our car. As? We give the possibility to create a dialogue between components such as seats, dashboards and smart components with the possibility of interfacing with external devices.

TUC Technology, what is TUC 3.0 technology

Let’s start from TUC.plug, the universal connector created to be housed on any medium. Technology TUC 3.0 is an eco-system whose basis is the TUC.plug which ensures mechanical fixing, current and data passage.

This inside has a system offering 3 types of connection in a single interface. They are structural and mechanical thanks to multimodal plug&play. As a result they allow a fixing in 4 different 360° positions.

Through the electrical connection to power the various devices connected to the vehicle and data connectivity, information is exchanged between the devices and the vehicle but also outside the vehicle itself.

TUC Technology, TUC. plug the plug&play connector for the vehicles of the future

Il TUC.plug it’s the connector plug&play for cars and vehicles of the future. This is made up of two main components: the female which represents the interface inside the vehicle and the male on the device which allows it to be connected to the vehicle.

TUC Technology TUC press officeTUC Technology, source from the TUC press office

TUC Technology, TUC.plug installs the steering wheel in the desired position

The design of the TUC.plug, in addition to accepting all the functions already mentioned, through these connectors creates a network architecture called TUC.network, a “Daisy Chain” to distribute through a single cable that starts from the vehicle’s main power battery all the plugs needed to connect the vehicle devices: seats, dashboards, displays or ad hoc devices.

Flying TUC, source TUC Press OfficeFlying TUC, source from the TUC press office

The soul of the technology is the Hyperboards System, which allows, through layered electronic boards inside the TUC.plug, to manage the distribution of electricity both at low voltage, typical of the latest generation vehicles, and at high voltage for devices that require it and the data connection through an automotive grade Ethernet ensuring redundancy and customization.

TUC Technology, the structure of the TUC 3.0

The operating logics are defined and managed through the TUC.OS system which uses a firmware inside the TUC.plug and manages all the operating logics from the electromechanical actuation (closing and opening) through the dedicated Micro Power Unit, to recognition of the devices and their mounting direction in the vehicle.

Il TUC.brain is the brain where is the main software TUC.OS. This manages the network and individual plugs intelligently, evolving according to the infinite reconfigurations thanks to the possibility of recognizing all possible connector/device switchings, always ensuring perfect functionality of the devices regardless of their movement within the TUC.network.

The TUC.plug, that was built with advanced materials such as alloy ALU7075 aluminium, commonly known as ERGALwas the first development, designed to interface with large and heavier devices that must comply with stricter safety standards such as, for example, seats.

TUC Technology, the TUC.nest prototype the cockpit of the future

Another historic partner is suitable since 2018. It is a world leader in the production of series of vehicle seats. Together and TUC realizes the integration of the new TUC 3.0 technology on 4 High Level seats with various functions managed electronically.

TUC 3.0 surprise there is a Lavazza coffee machine for cars

Another project partner is Samsung Knox. Its tailor-made solutions make it possible to develop a control interface for devices connected through TUC.technology. These are usable on any mobile device and it has been integrated into the latest generation devices of Samsung. Furthermore, through the Latest generation Galaxy gaming monitors it was possible to further underline the interface potential of commonly used devices.

TUC Lavazza, TUC press officeTUC Lavazza, source from the TUC press office

The historian collaborates with the project in another surprise LAVAZZA. Above all it is the example that in the vehicles of the future we can relax and decide about our time on the go.

TUC 3.0, commands and instruments

SILA Group leader in gearbox control management systems and integrated remote control systems for passenger compartment functions, which has led to the development of a multifunctional tunnel that integrates gear management commands via a rotary device and a haptic screen for managing various controls, from climate control to driving dynamics.

SILA tunnel for TUC, source from the TUC press officeSILA tunnel for TUC, source from the TUC press office

TUC 3.0, the steering wheel is EMA Global Engineering Drive-by-wire

Finally cooperated EMA Global Engineeringan advanced engineering consultancy company, which led to the development of an innovative integrated digital cockpit-steering wheel device with drive by wire steering commands developed by TUC.technology which, thanks to the support of EMA, has been integrated both on TUC. nest and on a really functioning and running car prototype, emphasizing the real potential of TUC 3.0.

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