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Tucano enters the metaverse with a virtual showroom

Tucano enters the metaverse with a virtual showroom. The project was carried out in collaboration with TechStaran Italian company Metaverse Enabler that develops metaverse solutions for companies that have undertaken a “virtual transformation” path. Here are the details:

Tucano officially enters the metaverse with a virtual showroom

The Metaverse Tucano is a virtual place that includes three large rooms they tell protection, design ed eco-sustainability, three key elements of the company’s business. With this project, Tucano aims at revolutionize brand storytelling. In fact, taking advantage of the latest innovations in the technological field, Tucano aims to start a path of transformation in a tech key of its sales channels, offering customers an immersive and unique experience of its kind. Contributing to the project is the Metaverse Enabler TechStaran Italian company based in Udine.

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The comment of the protagonists

Franco Luini, Owner and CEO of Tucano, comments: “The Metaverse is the important step towards the future, the ideal place where you can tell your brand, give space to marketing and business actions, experiencing the needs of a constantly changing market. It is also an inclusive world where it is possible to dialogue with the new generations and use their language. Thanks to TechStar’s skills and its great experience in implementing Virtual Reality projects, today Tucano can enter the Metaverse and prepare for new brand awareness and business scenarios. ”

Marco Zanuttini, Founder and CEO of TechStaradds: “The fashion industry is starting to exploit the strong potential of the Metaverse, a virtual world that allows the user to immerse themselves in brand value, not only in offline stores but also in virtual showrooms: the potential of the Metaverse starts from communication and brand storytelling actions, but is already ready for ever wider business evolutions “

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