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How to defend yourself from phishing: here is the guide from Cisco

How to Defend Against Phishing: The Cisco Guide thumbnail

Cisco has made a detailed guide against phishing, one of the main cyber threats that users have to contend with. The company identified 5 points to pay close attention to to protect yourself against the risks of phishing. Here are the details:

Cisco’s Guide to Phishing: 5 Points to Watch Out For

The first thing to do is implement a robust authentication process. For example, using multi-factor authentication significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access to data. To maximize the level of security it is useful to use the WebAuthn or FIDO2 keys. Note that an additional level of security could be the request to enter a unique code from the access device in the Duo Mobile app.

Then we must reduce dependency on passwords with single sign-on, a solution that allows continuous access to multiple applications with a single set of credentials. Another aspect that should not be underestimated is the possibility of create and maintain a detailed inventory of devices. To guard against phishing, Cisco also recommends applying adaptive access policies.

Furthermore, against phishing, Cisco points out, continuous monitoring of unusual login activities is also necessary. With these measures it will be possible to raise a solid barrier to protect yourself from the risks associated with phishing, one of the main cyber threats.

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